The Team
Shubham CEO in

Prior to setting up Recro, Shubham was working as a Business Analyst, which piqued his interest in Technology and Business at an early stage of his career. He also co-founded Dealocx in 2015, before his passion to solve real-world problems inspired him to build the future of work by connecting quality talent with the right opportunity.

Kamal CPO in

Kamal worked with Mercedes-Benz R&D and Samsung R&D during his early days of career. He later ventured into entrepreneurship by building Fintech products for rural India and was the co-founder of Panorbit Services, a techno-creative digital agency. At Recro, he is pivotal in bridging the gap between challenges and seamless experience.

Zain Marketing Lead in

An Engineer-turned-Marketer, Zain bears the torch for Growth at Recro. His forward looking ideas and a note-worthy experience with well-known startups, takes the team efficiently to the next step of the ladder.

Amitesh VP Enterprise Sales  

At Recro, Amitesh is our VP of Enterprise Sales, leading strategic growth with a focus on sales optimization. He excels in building relationships with startups and global enterprises, aiding their engineering team expansion. His vision, which goes beyond borders, ensures that Recro's collaborations are not only significant but also have a lasting impact.

Shwetha VP Sales  

At Recro, Shwetha is our esteemed VP of Sales, dedicated to amplifying our footprint in rapidly expanding organizations across India and Asia. With a strategic mindset and a passion for growth, she's pivotal in forging strong partnerships and ensuring Recro's offerings resonate in these dynamic markets. Her leadership continually positions us at the forefront of regional opportunities.

Hanish Head of Operations 

At Recro, Hanish, our Head of Operations, is dedicated to refining the hiring journey. He ensures companies experience seamless recruitment, while candidates find their perfect roles effortlessly. With a focus on efficiency and excellence, Hanish's leadership transforms the hiring landscape, making the process streamlined for both employers and potential team members

Alok Talent Acquisition in

It is important to have a personality like Alok to get to understand the talent that flows into Recro. A technical recruiter who’s got an eye for finding the right opportunity that fits our candidates and improves their experience on our platform.

Rashmi Community Management in

Building a strong community of developers and tech gurus is an integral part of Recro’s ethos. Rashmi manages webinars and events that impart insights about new trends in technology and nurture mentorship programs for our talent.

Swapna Human Relations in

Swapna has been responsible for building an empowering culture with IT giants for the last 7+ years. She understands the importance of fostering a culture of innovation in an environment that requires high levels of scalability, security and reliability. With Swapna's employee-centric vision, the team stays engaged to their fullest.

Abhishek Business Growth Catalyst in

Abhishek is ensuring that all fast growing enterprises never ever struggle for their business growth due to lack of quality talent. He ensures that we get the best person on the job as he goes deeper in understanding the clients business needs and best way to adress them.

Pawan Legal

Pawan brings with him a mammoth experience and expertise in the Banking and Financial sector, having worked with leading companies like Freecharge and Snapdeal. He is a key figure in helping Recro build frictionless customer-centric solutions with a keen sense for risk and compliance.

Vishwa Strategy

Having worked with Fortune 100 companies like Honeywell and top consulting companies like Accenture and KPMG, Vishwa brings with him years of working on a range of process technologies and market transformation. A management consultant turned entrepreneur and a perennial learner, Vishwa is an ISB alumina.

Amit Product

Amit leads product at Playo, world’s largest active sports community. He has been assisting in creating a platform that helped Recro to build and scale a developer centric community.


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Core Values
Passion & purpose

We always put our best foot forward and go the extra mile to ensure the quality of our work is top-notch. For us, challenges and hurdles are an adrenaline rush.

Customer Success

We anticipate our customers' challenges and deliver tailor-made solutions that are essential for their growth; for at the end of the day, their success reflects on ours.


To take initiative and responsibility of every piece of work, and to ensure it is seen through to its completion.


We are a people-first company and truly put ourselves in their shoes to connect with them on a human level.


Progress comes with working together, and a team can never improve when individuals work in silos..

Learning & experimentation

To have a keen eye for keeping up with innovations & find ways to experiment with one’s learnings.


To be able to think outside the box, and sense the opportunity in embracing and evolving with changing circumstances and technology.

People & Culture
Life @ Recro
Our culture is derived from the idea that true freedom comes with engaging in things that you are passionate about. We encourage that same ethos in building our team so that we can help our customers create and engineer cutting-edge products and build high-growth teams.

We grow, when you grow

There’s something about human interaction that goes beyond just learning; it inspires you. That’s why we invite exceptional figures over for conversation that sparks the fire.


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