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Here’s how engineers develop themselves

A challenge is an opportunity

Work with high-velocity agile teams who are building the products of the future. You have the opportunity to push your limits and grow exponentially with projects that will help you polish your skills and pick up new ones.

First to ride the new wave

One of the advantages of working with cutting-edge technology is that you are always aware of the changes in this fast-changing environment. We look out for digital disruptions from around the globe and identify the latest technical jargons, and leverage them effectively.

Stability that comes with security

Take on challenges that you have always wanted to explore because that is why you could depend on us. We ensure perks and health benefits that go beyond just helping you land the opportunity. We make sure you are among peers of exceptional calibre and are part of a community that helps you grow.

Code with the best

How would a developer thrive without a community? Meet some of the leading individuals in the industry and get access to 1-on-1 interactions and mentoring opportunities. Engage with like-minded people and tech gurus during community meet-ups and networking sessions. You are part of a premium tech community now.

How do you get started?


There’s always a piece of code waiting to be written, so send in your profile right away


We’ll line you up with opportunities that fit your profile and experience


That’s it, you’re all set and you can dive right in!

Developer Experiences

Hear from our talents who found the right opportunity

Sarthak Gandhi

Sarthak Gandhi

I feel very proud working for Recro. The opportunities provided by the company which enabled me to work in top startups is one of the best things for my growth in the industry. Thank you for everything, more to come.


Having any questions?

1. What is Recro?


We are a platform that enables seamless access to high growth organizations for top talent. We open doors for candidates to work with seed to unicorn startups and companies, and gain experience over various technical domains and work cultures. We help individuals to accelerate their careers 10X by entering unfamiliar territories to create scalable code while maintaining top-notch quality.

2. Why should I go with Recro rather than directly working with startups?


When you work with Recro, we guarantee you:
1. Stability and Job Security: Startup always comes with the uncertainty of funding or a business model or has a rapidly changing environment. With Recro, you don’t need to worry about the market conditions and other uncertainties, you could just focus on what you do best!
2. Exposure: In today’s environment, skills are considered to be more important than the number of years of experience. We ensure you get the right exposure to upskill yourself by working in a high growth organisation with scale and solve real-time complex problems that make an impact.
3. Right Match: Recro gives you the chance to map your skills, competency and aspirations, and pick an opportunity that is optimal for you. Our effort will always be to steer you away from opportunities that have a mismatch between actual work and the job description. We ensure that you don't lose the invaluable prime time of your career.

3. Is this a contract position?


No, this is not a contract position, you are under direct employment with Recro. You will be given all benefits and perks as provided to employees of this company.

4. Do I have an option to get absorbed at the Client’s company where I will be working?


Yes. You always have this option available after completing one year of employment, but this needs to be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

5. What benefits am I applicable for if I do join Recro?


Health Insurance, Flexible Leave Policy, the option to Work from Home, Rewards and Recognition, Access to Exclusive Tech Community, Learning, Meetups/Webinars, 24x7 Support of Counsellors, Company outings, parties and much more.

We grow, when you grow

There’s something about human interaction that goes beyond just learning; it inspires you. That’s why we invite exceptional figures over for conversation that sparks the fire.


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Maybe you like building from scratch or maybe you like to work with teams who bring out the next big thing. How about we find out what fits you best?