The meaning of virtual is “near” and the meaning of reality means what we experience as real.


Virtual reality is the technology introduces in 1994 for virtual world development. It creates virtual environment for the user with software, realistic images, multi-projected environment and physical spaces.With VR what we present with something (a 3Dspace), that isn’t reality but you’d still perceive it as real.

Realistic environment

It makes changes in the vision as the person moves from one place to another. Integrate with persons head and eyes to give enjoyable response.

View 3D Images

With Virtual Reality we can see 3 Dimensional images which loads in cylinder and sphere shaped  images.

Interactive environment

It Creates an interactive environment such as user can walk in that environment and feel how it will be in real.

360-degree VR

360 degree VR allows the user to see all around in any direction with.


  • This is the biggest technological advancement this year and it is expected to be at least 1 in 5 homes by 2021.
  • This means that the number of VR devices will roughly be around 2.4 million units in few years.
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Military
  • Education
  • Videogames
  • Live Events
  • Video Entertainment




It is the need of the hour for companies to build killer apps that are fast, efficient, and easy to use and serves the purpose. This will maintain the company’s reputation and brand value. This is why developers must always stay updated on the current technology trends and focus on improving their app development skills. Here’s are some of the android app development challenges that are faced during development.