What are Retail Mobility Solutions?

With the latest boom in m-commerce, mobile applications have become a need for the retail industry, more than a luxury. Retail mobility solutions are aimed at offering a plethora of services to the consumers to make their shopping experience seamless. In the fast paced world, in- store retail shopping has become a story of the past.

Today, it’s all about the app based shopping. Right from finding the store to the final delivery, everything is being carried out through mobility advances and thus, missing out on mobile applications for one’s retail store can cut into mass profits.

recro retail mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions in the Retail Industry

recro mobility solutions in retail industry

As consumers expect a shopping experience at the end of a click, the retail industry had no option but to introduce mobility solutions to retain their customer base. Mobile applications in the retail industry seek to minimize the time spent on shopping by providing a platform where goods can be bought and paid for without the endless queues.


  • For the consumers, retail mobile applications are a convenient platform to gather product information prior to purchase. Allowing shopping on- the- go empowers customers with flexible buying options and price comparisons.
  • For the retailers, retail mobility solutions can be designed that offer personalized buying experiences, facilitating brand loyalty. It also assist in the building of greater customer- retailer relationships and customer satisfaction.

what are Mobile App Startups in the Retail Industry?


Restocks instantly notifies its users about the new releases or sales regarding their favourite brands, based on their shopping histories and searches to create an engaging shopping platform. Through seed funding, the app has raised $120k.


A mobile retail platform, Newstore, seeks to integrate the existing e- commerce platforms to ascertain a seamless shopping experience. After 3 rounds of funding, a total of $40.4 million has been raised.

Wallet circle

Wallet circle, using beacon technology, allows users to promote deals and offers to customers within a 100 meter radius. The app has managed to raise $269.44k.








recro retail mobility solutions technology
  • Using big data and analytics, retail apps can determine consumer behavior and thus, present customized offers and suggestions, thereby making consumer app dependent.
  • Push notification and pop ups can be used as a means to promote the latest offers and trending deals to the customers.
  • Mobile applications provide a platform for feedback and review where customers can share their experiences and have their grievances addressed. Apps facilitate a shorter response time and better customer satisfaction.
  • In app loyalty programs are likely to act as an incentive for the consumers to repeat their shopping cycles with the same retailer in return of exciting rewards.
  • Geo technology enabled apps allow easier store search and thus, increase the chances of getting in store customers as well. Navigation augments the likelihood of people preferring a particular store.
  • Beacon system is also being increasingly used to offer location based products and services.


cashless and secure purchases

This feature customer feel secure and does not afraid to carry the payment transaction.

Convenient shopping and quicker checkout

Retail mobility apps provide convenient and easy shopping experience. Helps in fast check-in, purchase, payment and quicker checkout.

In app inventory management

This feature helps retailers to manage there inventory and helps in better resource management. It also provide insights such as product expiry, damage management and many more.

customer relationship management

Digital interaction helps in building strong relationship management and assist in providing customer support.

Loyalty programs generate greater purchases

Loyalty programs create win win situation for retailers and there customers. It provide customers different offers and retailers increase the number of customer for the brand.

In app notifications and updates

In app notification helps to connect with customers and to stay the brand name on there mind. This updates them with new offers and loyalty programs.

recro retail mobility solutions features

Different Types of Retail Mobile Applications

Store Locator Apps

Applications are designed to act as store locators that can be searched based on a number of criteria to find the one that suits the customer needs. Searches can be carried along different verticals like area, brands, products and the like.

Retail Store Apps

Each retail store can have its individual application to showcase its products and promote its deals and offers. Customers can access these apps to carry out real time price comparison with others to find out the best deals.

Commerce Apps

If the retailer apps are equipped with payment gateways and delivery services, consumers can directly order through the applications and receive the products. Such mobile applications are a complete solution to all consumer retail needs.

Inventory App

Inventory management is one of the most important functions for the reatilers. It covers real time inventory tracking, barcode labeling, serial number tracking, expiry date tracking, stock transfer, wireless/ batch data collecting and many more.


We at Recro strive to provide the best retail mobility solutions by giving our clients a platform to share their ideas and engage in the creation of a robust mobile app by deploying cutting edge technology to enhance productivity. It is our endeavor to deliver the result oriented mobility solutions for all major platforms through a combination of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to achieve market leading performance. We also assist our clients in reaching vast audiences and ensure sustainable post-delivery customer satisfaction.