Real Estate Mobility Solutions

What are Real Estate Mobility Solutions?

Exploring town, physically meeting the realtors, visiting properties and negotiating in person has become a talk of the past. Today mobility solutions have taken over the real estate industry. Right from searching for a property to making the final payment, all real estate services are being increasingly armed with mobile applications.

Real Estate Mobility applications serve as a convenient singular destination for property seekers.At the same time, mobile applications act as a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents or brokers. Those equipped with mobility solutions have a comparative advantage over the ones lacking this feature, and seek to be visible more locally as well as globally.


Mobility Solutions in the Real Estate Industry


As most real estate searches are done through smart phones, absence of mobility solutions works as a disability for real estate agents. Real estate mobility solutions seek to make the process of property search and management a seamless experience. Mobile applications minimize time and resource wastage in going around for property searches. Real Estate mobile app development acts as a digital interface between the property seekers and property owners to channelize their communication and collaboration.

  • Real estate apps can list a wide range of properties that may be available for sale or rent. These searches may be customizable to suit the specific needs of area, number of bedrooms, locality, and the like.
  • Real estate applications can act as a communication channel between the major stakeholders in the playing field to minimize miscommunication by facilitating digital interaction.
  • Real estate mobility solutions can also arm the property seekers with the ability to file their applications online which can be accessed by different property owners minimizing the time wastage in filing separate applications.
  • Finally, mobile applications can check credit scores and carry out background checks to ensure genuine property seekers and foster better property relations.

What are Mobile App Startups in the Real Estate Industry?


Zillow is a singular destination for all property needs. From catering to property searches to refurbishing ideas, the app seeks to bring together homeowners, seekers and agents under one platform. Following 5 rounds of funding, the app has raised $96.63 million.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Calculators comes to the rescue of both home sellers and buyers to calculate the payments that need to be made over the course of time. This app primarily aims to help the stakeholders manage their finances.


com is a property listing app which brings finding, buying and selling properties under one roof. In a total of 6 funding rounds, $159.2 million have been raised.








  • Real estate mobile applications, using big data and analytics, can create a wide database of property listings. These can also be equipped with Geo-tagging, giving the property seekers the exact location of the property site.
  • Virtual reality technology can produce advanced visuals of the interior and exterior of each property to give the feel of a physical visit from the ease of a smart phone. Such applications facilitate a 3D view of the whole property.
  • Real Estate mobile app development can help the real estate companies/ agents stay connected with the customer during and post deals. Such refined communication is likely to yield a loyal client base.
  • Different services can be integrated into an application allowing the users to carry out a comprehensive property search with price comparisons, narrow down the options, file in the application and get their dream property.


Mark favorite ones

With this feature user can mark the favorite or interested property option. And can have easy and quick access of the property for the future searches.

Brand Building

Having real estate mobile apps will reach you all over the world mobile audience. Which will help you in brand awareness and brand building.


User can navigate the property location with this app. Can check the travel distance from their office, school, hospitals or other places.

Lead generation

This feature generate leads for Business, brokers and agents.The properties marked as favorite by specific user is one of the way of getting the leads.

24/7 connectivity

Considering today’s need, theses apps helps  the user stay connected 24/7. And enable them to use the app and get information as per their convenience.

Listing Option

Listing option enable the marketer to show all type of real estate property with all features and customer specific filter.


Different Types of Real Estate Mobile Applications

Property Listing Apps

Collaborating different property listings into one giant database, these application geo tag each property, highlighting its important specifications and necessary information. Users can take a virtual tour of the property, navigate to the property using GPS or request a quote.

Customer Relations Apps

Acting as a communication interface, these apps provide a platform for property seekers to find out answers to their unique queries and questions about the property at auction. Additionally, such applications can be used to build a health client- agent relationship for future deals as well.

Scheduler and Calculator Apps

With the busy schedules that each one has, such apps can help agents and customers to set and view their visits on a daily basis to avoid any delays or duplication of property seekers at once. Apps also have the feature of interest rate calculator to ease the mathematical calculations one might have to do in order to deduce the total payable amount.

Property Rental Apps

Search for home on rental basis is became very easy with these apps. These apps provide many options of search by locality, floor plans, photos, Navigation, listing by broker or owner, Saving favourites, Event Calendar showcasing Special exhibitions, Promote Offers & Events via nofications and many more.


We at Recro strive to provide the best Real estate mobility solutions by giving our clients a platform to share their ideas and engage in the creation of a robust mobile app by deploying cutting edge technology to enhance productivity. It is our endeavor to deliver the result oriented mobility solutions for all major platforms through a combination of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to achieve market leading performance. We also assist our clients in reaching vast audiences and ensure sustainable post-delivery customer satisfaction.