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React Native is a new technology developed by Facebook which is transforming the entire mobile app development industry with its efficiency and speed. React Native is open source, provide rapid development, has re-usable code and rich ecosystem. Earlier hybrid app development was not so preferred due to lack of highly functional native components. But now with React Native, it is possible to integrate native components to develop a hybrid app.

Strong Performance

React Native use Graphics processing unit in contrast to the Central Processing unit by native Android apps. This is why React Native is super-fast and is loved by the mobile industry.

Code reuse and cost efficient

At Recro, With React Native development we simply use the same code for deployment on Android and iOS. This saves huge development effort and cost.

Community driven

React Native started off at a hackathon with the intention of combining both the advantages of a native app development and a web app development.

Live reload

We build powerful applications with React Native. Thanks to the live reload feature in React Native, our developers can easily view the latest changes made to the code on a mobile emulator without the end result.

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React Native App Development Market trends

Looking at the latest Google trends, it is crystal clear that React Native has gained popularity in few years from being developed by Facebook. The searches for ‘React Native’ are quite more in contrast to terms like ‘android development’ & ‘iOS development’.React Native is growing tremendously and is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Our developers are sure that React Native is going to be the future of mobile app development.

Intersted Over Time

Android Development 90%
iOS Development 62%
React-Native 30%

React Native App Development Latest Trends


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Tools and Frameworks for React Native App Developers

Recro is ever ready to keep themselves updated with the latest tools for the React Native framework. Here are some of the latest tools and frameworks used by our team at Recro for React Native development.


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