Media & Entertainment Mobility Solutions

What are Media & Entertainment Mobility Solutions?

With the rise in digital media, the confluence of mobility solutions to the media and entertainment industry became the obvious next step. Media & Entertainment Mobility Solutions cover a wide range of mobile applications that seek to address the entertainment needs of a large chunk of the population with one tap.

Media content needs to be delivered across a range of platforms today and is accessed in maximum volume through mobile applications. Ranging from live video streaming and online music players to apps that deal with gaming and photo editing, all fall under the umbrella of Media & Entertainment Mobility Solutions. As access to entertainment becomes easier, more content is consumed increasing popularity and viewership.

recro media and entertainment mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions in the Media & Entertainment Industry

recro mobility solutions in media and entertainment industry

In the absence of mobility solutions, the media and entertainment industry would face a major setback as the conventional means of content dissemination have become a story of the past. In a world where people can even get their meals with one tap, switching on the TV to watch sports or browsing through channels to find a nice movie, seems like too much of work. Therefore, mobile applications became vital if the entertainment enterprises wished to survive.

  • Media & Entertainment Mobility Solutions act as a convenient platform for consumers of content as it is easily accessible, the content can be stored and paused, and favorites can be watched and rewatched, among others.
  • With mobility solutions, the suppliers and producers of media can estimate real time viewership and deduce consumer behavior, to identify what the viewers are accepting.
  • Custom made media applications can be designed to highlight the best results based on user history and act as a user friendly entertainment platform.

What are Mobile App Startups in the Media & Entertainment Industry?


Netflix has become one of the leading Media and entertainment application which allows mobile streaming of TV shows and movies. It has raised $2.7 billion in 10 rounds of funding.


Youtube is another video streaming application which also allows video sharing and uploading. In 2 rounds, it has raised $11.5 million.


Gaana is a music streaming application which gives its users access to a plethora of national, international and region songs. It raised an undisclosed amount of funding in October 2015.








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  • Mobile applications provide real time updates about the most recent incidents in news, sports and elsewhere, acting as a medium to stay updated, even when away from traditional means of access
  • Using graphics and similar tools, mobility solutions have made mobile gaming intensely addictive and at the same time relaxing
  • Applications provide a range of media content to suit each age group. This amalgamation of large amount of content stored in cloud storage provides mobile entertainment an edge over other platforms.


Live video streaming

Live Video streaming allows you to watch, participate and interact with the ongoing program from any where in the world.

Easy and convenient media access

In today’s age Media & Entertainment apps are the easiest and convenient way to get all type of video, news and media content.

Media access on the go

Media applications helps us to stay connected with all current activities and friends or social updates at all the time despite where ever you are.


People play the games applications for many reasons. Such as play for fun,to release from stress, for being social and many more

Real time viewership monitoring

These apps real time viewership monitoring allows business to measure the real time engagement and gives insights for how to respond

Push notifications

To get Notified about the current news, everyone use the media apps. It help us to stay updated with all affairs.

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Different Types of Media & Entertainment Mobile Applications

Video Streaming Applications

Now days Video Streaming Apps allow video streaming & viewing for a variety online programs. Ranging from sitcoms and movies to sports and kids shows.

Photo Editing Applications

Making photo collages has become very easy with photo editing apps.These apps allow you to apply filters and other effects on the pictures to augment your beauty.

Live TV Applications

Live TV Apps showcase real time media content. Which help you to watch ongoing program when you are away from home.

Music Applications

Latest beats and the ageless classics music all are available on music apps. With a database of over a million songs, these apps have different categories to choose your type of music.


We at Recro strive to provide the best media and entertainment mobility solutions by giving our clients a platform to share their ideas and engage in the creation of a robust mobile app by deploying cutting edge technology to enhance productivity. It is our endeavor to deliver the result oriented mobility solutions for all major platforms through a combination of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to achieve market leading performance. We also assist our clients in reaching vast audiences and ensure sustainable post-delivery customer satisfaction.