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MEAN Stack Technology

Node.js in the MEAN stack helps us as a developer to develop both front end and back end. Also, the NoSQL feature in MongoDB helps us to quickly alter the data when needed. With tons of such advantages and community support, Recro chose to develop products using the MEAN stack.

Cloud Integration

MongoDB was developed specifically to make it easy to host the web applications onto the cloud. So this is the best choice if our applications are required to provide cloud functions within it. It also brings in an ease in performing tasks like testing and maintaining. It also spreads across our cluster of servers to offer failure support which leads to automatic replication.

Better Performance

Node js is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, it’s library executes code very firstly. Even though node runs in a single thread, Node’s cluster module allows you to easily launch a whole cluster of Node child processes to better handle the load. MongoDB features like indexing, Memory and the MMAPv1 Storage Engine Database Profiling, text search, map-reduce help to achieve high performance in read-write operations.

Cost Effective

For developing apps with MEAN stack requires developers who are proficient at JavaScript. As less number of developers are required to develop apps using MEAN stack, the amount to be invested to hire the number of developers will also be less. So, we can say MEAN stack is highly cost effective and often, the most effective way of dealing with.

Javascript Excellence

Javascript is one of the most popular languages across the world with numerous benefits. By going MEAN having that same JavaScript on the client. For instance, If you write a code for Node & decide it’s better placed in AngularJS, you can move it over with ease. One JavaScript specialist can successfully handle the entire project using MEAN stack formula. Top MEAN Stack development companies consider the stack of technologies in MEAN an elixir to uplift excellence in app and web development projects.

MEAN Stack Development Market Trends

JavaScript rules the world when it comes to different programming languages. It is the basic foundation of the MEAN framework and has gained many followers and popularity these days.

MEAN Stack Development Services - Recro

MongoDB Development

MongoDB is a document-oriented database which provides high performance and easy scalability of databases. It is a type of NoSQL database and makes data integration faster and easier for us.

ExpressJS Development

We love using ExpressJS because this framework provides us a set of features both for web and mobile applications. ExpressJS together with NodeJS helps to build an entire application using JavaScript.

AngularJS Development

AngularJS is the best framework for building dynamic hybrid applications. It makes use of HTML’s syntax and eliminates the need for writing extra code.

NodeJS Development

We use Node.js in our applications because it is an event-driven, lightweight JavaScript framework and can be used for building the server side in web apps. This open source and free to use framework are highly efficient.

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MEAN Stack Development Tools


The NetBeans editor is a very powerful tool that helps us indent lines, refactor and highlight source code both semantically and syntactically.


The NetBeans editor is a very powerful tool that helps us indent lines, refactor and highlight source code both semantically and syntactically.


Atom is pre-installed with different UI and themes for building your web apps. We simply use the default themes or customize it as per your business requirements.


Webstorm is also an IDE that’s used to build hybrid apps. Webstorm is efficient and comes with a command line interface that helps us compile and minify multiple JavaScript files into one for single page applications.

MEAN Stack Latest Trends

Reduced Page Loading time

Using MEAN stack development we eliminate the need of using different languages to build your application. This simply makes the development of the app easy and facilitates smooth performance.


MongoDB as the database in the MEAN stack eliminates the need to learn any predefined database schemas and other constraints. Therefore we can add, delete and edit data quickly.

Cost efficient

Thanks to the only JavaScript usage in the MEAN framework, we only have to keep ourselves updated with the JavaScript framework. This eliminates the need for learning PHP, MySQL and so on and thus saves a lot of time and effort.


Using JSON objects simply means that it is very easy to consume REST services and retrieve data using GET, POST requests and doesn’t need further processing.

Node.js is super-fast

Node.js simplifies the backend interactions and the server layers altogether. This means less confusion and minimal chances of messy interactions thus making the server-side interactions quite fast and efficient.

Supports MVC architecture

MVC simply means model, view, and controller. With this you can segregate your code into the model part – which holds the values of the data, view part which will contain the HTML code for the user interface and the controller part which will hold the actual JavaScript code to interact with the front end and the back end.