Logistics Mobility Solutions

What are Logistics Mobility Solutions?

The logistics industry which circles around transport routes and supply chain management is today well integrated with mobility solutions to ease the pressure of real- time updates and much needed transparency. The logistics industry, for quite some time now, has been pressed with the demand of customer satisfaction for real time tracking and greater efficiency in inventory and delivery.

Logistics mobility solutions came to the rescue. By introducing a singular platform to streamline major deliveries and supply management, mobile applications have co- ordinated the actions of all the stakeholders in the supply chain, from the management and delivery personnel to the customers, facilitating greater and more transparent communication between all parties. The mobility solutions seek to minimize supply chain disruptions and augment operational excellence.

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recro logistics mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions in the Logistics Industry

recro logistics industry mobility solutions

In an era where the world is mobile, lack of mobility solutions in the logistics industry was seen as a disability and obstacle in its growth. As customer demand for mobile applications for tracking and real time updates increased, logistic engineers saw logistics mobility solutions as imperative to the industry’s survival.

  • Logistics mobility solutions facilitate real time shipment tracking, important for prediction of possible delays.
  • The management can also undertake on the go inventory using barcode scanners for better time and resource management.
  • Additionally, mobile applications can be designed to reflect upon employee performance and productivity
  • The tracking links can be shared with the customers for greater confidence and trust.

What are Mobile App Startups in the Logistics Industry?


TYGR caters to logistics management giving the user access to all parts of the supply chain through mobility solutions by integrating Big Data analytics and Internet of Things. In a pre series A Round Funding, it has raised $3 million.


Eazystock is an inventory optimization tool offering cloud- based inventory provisions to reduce obstacle to stocking and warehouse costs. Its total revenue amounts up to an estimation of $146.2k.


Tom Tom WEBFLEET acts as a progress tracker for the entire staff, helping the management monitor and scrutinize individual performance.








recro logistics mobility solutions technology
  • Logistic apps are equipped with GPS tracking which are instrumental in getting information about the exact location of the shipment or the item of delivery.
  • Technologies are being incorporated in the logistic apps that can scrutinize fleet performance by monitoring their working hours and keeping a track of their productivity.
  • Barcode scanners and other advancements are providing a streamlined and faster way of inventory. Such mobility solutions also make it possible to track the location status of each package, along with the status of its shipment.
  • Logistic apps facilitate better communication between the driver, dispatcher and the customer, with respect to the shipment and delivery, thereby, enhancing productivity and efficiency and most certainly customer satisfaction.
  • The back end programming streamlines operations in such an effective manner that supply chain management disruptions are almost eliminated.


Shipment Tracking

It helps the user in tracking the real time shipment and packaging details of a product.

Efficient delivery system

It facilitate better communication between the driver, dispatcher and the customer and carry efficient shipment and delivery.

Cost optimization

It helps the user in optimization of distribution and warehousing cost.

Fleet Tracking

It helps the user to track and evaluate fleet staff where the user can find real time data.

customer satisfaction

Logistic apps efficient delivery system enhance productivity and efficiency and certainly provide customer satisfaction.

Automated pickups and drops

This feature provide real time data which enables the user for flexible and automated pickups and drop.

recro logistics mobility solutions features

Different Types of Media & Entertainment Mobile Applications

Location Tracking Applications

Logistics apps have been equipped with GPS tracking technology which helps the user to locate the destination.It also guide on different available path for the destination and suggest the one with minimum estimated time for arrival.

Fleet Management Applications

Fleet Management apps work as a messenger and tracker for senior officials and the fleet staff. Senior management can track all fleet staff activities through there digital presence. They can also make the announcement through these apps Which helps them to utilize there resources effectively.

Asset Management Applications

Logistics apps provide facilities for on the go inventory and tracking of each asset, to reduce warehousing as well as manual inventory costs. Barcode scanning and digital signatures make asset management and delivery easy to monitor.

Supply Chain management Applications

Supply chain management apps streamline all activities for your business such as movement and storage of raw-materials,work in progress inventory, finished goods from start to end till consumption.


We at Recro strive to provide the best logistic mobility solutions by giving our clients a platform to share their ideas and engage in the creation of a robust mobile app by deploying cutting edge technology to enhance productivity. It is our endeavor to deliver the result oriented mobility solutions for all major platforms through a combination of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to achieve market leading performance. We also assist our clients in reaching vast audiences and ensure sustainable post-delivery customer satisfaction.