Internet of things (IoT) is here to stay and make our environment lively and change the way we do things.


IoT is technology of interconnected devices which work together in order to perform the task. These devices are embedded with sensors and other necessary electronic items which make it possible for them to collect, analyze and exchange data. IoT makes it possible to connect the real data from the physical world to the computer systems.


LTE reduces latency. This integrate IoT with it’s most significant applications such as UAV, vehicle and similar communication.

Radio Protocol

Radio Protocol are Thread, ZigBee and Z-Wave. It generate low rate private area networks.These lower power technologies provide high throughput and help small local device network to save the additional cost.


It helps to provide lower- energy and versatile options for payment,access tokens, identity and connection bootstrapping.

Low-energy wireless and Bluetooth

Low energy Wireless helps to reduce power consumption and extend the life of device.Low Energy Bluetooth provide support to low power and long use of IoT.


  • Almost 1/3rd of business owners and consumers are planning to integrate IoT in their businesses and homes by 2020.
  • Nearly half of the population are expected to buy wearable devices.
  • Which only means that the total number of people using IoT devices is going to grow by 26 billion units in the next couple of years. Basically, everything is going to be automated, thanks to IoT technology.
  • These systems can manage things, organize and store data, process and present them in the most useful way.
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IoT devices are used in different scenarios ranging from smart homes to healthcare. IoT is giving us more control to simplify our day to day tasks and enhance our comfort.



It is the need of the hour for companies to build killer apps that are fast, efficient, and easy to use and serves the purpose. This will maintain the company’s reputation and brand value. This is why developers must always stay updated on the current technology trends and focus on improving their app development skills. Here’s are some of the android app development challenges that are faced during development.