Healthcare Mobility Solutions

What are Healthcare Mobility Solutions?

Over half of the population today gathers health related information by using their smart phones and has shown significant inclination towards adopting mobile healthcare solutions. Healthcare, being one of the fundamental industries for survival, cannot progress without mobility integration.

Mobile applications in the healthcare sector focus on increasing access to facilities and services, coupled with more efficient diagnosis and treatment. Healthcare mobile app development seeks to address the complexities faced by both doctors and patients in provision of consultation and reaping its benefits, respectively.

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recro healthcare mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions in the Healthcare Industry

recro mobility solutions in healthcare industry

With exponential population boom and lack of medical infrastructure, all heads were turned towards mobility healthcare solutions to tackle the persistent medical complications. As a part of healthcare innovation, healthcare mobility solutions aim at providing medical facilities in the remote areas.

  • Health care applications are designed to gather patient data, analyze the severity of condition and provide virtual visits and treatment. Bringing healthcare to the most downtrodden has been its biggest achievement.
  • Additionally, applications exist in the form of wearables which help an individual record one’s daily exercise and calorie intake.
  • Mobile applications in healthcare also allow patients to book appointments by a single click to prevent unnecessary visits.
  • The greatest achievement of mobility solutions has been the increased access to better and easier healthcare where virtual consultation is sought after.

what are Mobile App Startups in the Healthcare Industry?


One of the leading healthcare mobility solutions has been Practo. With an aim to reduce patient stress of finding and booking an appointment with a doctor, Practo search allows its users to browse through a list of doctors with distinct specialization, and book an appointment with the most suitable. Additionally, Practo Ray allows the doctors to maintain digital healthcare records and patient data. Seeking to bridge the gap between doctors and patients, Practo has raised $179 million through funding.


CrediHealth strives to reduce a patient’s anxiety and apprehensions about one’s condition by providing detailed and trust worthy knowledge about various medical ailments, including their post- treatment care. Once patients narrow down the ailment they seem to be having, they can book appointments through the mobile application with specialists and access a quote for treatment. The application has raised $1.5 million through seed funding.


1mg, a healthcare mobility solution acts as an online medical pharmacy and generic medicine engine. It allows users to order drugs based on doctor’s prescriptions or search for generic drugs according to ailments or symptoms. 1mg has raised a total of $32 million.








recro healthcare mobility solutions technology
  • Healthcare Solutions facilitate digital maintenance of medical records for each patient which can be accessed by different medical professionals, ensuring more efficient documentation and reducing time and cost involved.
  • Reduced wait for patients as doctors can now provide virtual consultation by adopting mobility solutions. Virtual visits also allow quicker doctor response along with real- time consultation.
  • Patients can also monitor their performance digitally and receive virtual guidance through a range of apps to avoid disease contact. Additionally, patients can book and manage appointments through their smart phones.
  • For the retailers, custom made retail mobility solutions can be designed that offer personalized buying experiences to the customers, facilitating brand loyalty.
  • Mobility solutions are also underway for diagnosis of various medical ailments and Healthcare is especially benefitting the administrative staff of medical facilities by facilitating better inventory of records and supplies.


Appoinment schdeuling

This feature enable the patient to book, reschedule or cancel hospital/ doctor service appointment.

Medication Tracking

This feature help you to guide and remind which medicine you should take, what all medication you have taken before and all other medication history.

inventory management

With this app it become very easy to track all medical units supply and product inventory.

Patient report access

This feature helps doctor as well as patient to get instant access of all report and patient history.

Virtual consultation

As the feature name tells, this apps helps to provide and to get virtual consultation. Which results in faster problem diagnosis for patient.

Insurance claim management

This app feature assist in insurance claim process from start to end for health insurance providers.

recro healthcare mobility solutions features

Different Types of Healthcare mobility Applications

Clinical Assistance Apps

This app provide clinical assistance such as symptom checker, lab result & electronics chart assessment,viewing of MRI and x-ray results. It acts as a Primary and important tool for the medication process.

Medication Reminders Apps

All medication related problems such as what to take, how much and when to take answers are built up in this app for it’s user. This apps reminder system can schedule your all type of medication activity and avoid any type of medication delay.

Healthy Life Monitor Apps

These apps are normal daily routine apps which any one can use to stay fit and healthy. This apps provide assistance for healthy diet, baby care, appointment reminders, fitness and exercise routines.

Pregnancy assistance app

These apps help in newborn infant care as well as in pre & postnatal baby care. It’s kind of guide for necessary measures which are needed during Pregnancy. It also provides features such as medication tracking.


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