• Best fits both technical and non-technical businesses, who possess vast management resources and staff, as well as all kinds of agile-based software projects.
  • It’s like having an in-house team, however with significantly lower expenses and maintenance costs and without the necessity to search for talents.
  • No need for deep involvement inside all possible technical aspects of the project. And extra attention may be oriented on numerous other aspects of business.
recro client engagement model
  • All who are involved get a fantastic opportunity to learn of your demands, expectations and business requirements, thus workflow is constantly improved.
  • Your project concept has to be predefined to people responsible for development, meaning you must be fully aware on where you wish to be headed before start.
  • You can define and determine actual priorities of value to your business and your end-goals, meaning you will decide on what needs to be done and when.
  • Fixed Cost or Fixed Price, also known as the Fixed Budget Engagement Model works best for short-term small or medium sized projects.
  • Unlike the Time and Material Engagement model, Fixed Cost requires well-designed project specs, scopes and requirements delivered before project development launches.
  • No changes usually take place while the product is under development. Everything flows according to pre-defined requirements.
recro fixed budget engagement model
  • Considering requirements are to be pre-defined, you will be forced to invest time and resources into their complete creation and analysis from the start.
  • Engagement model does not require deep direct communications or collaboration between clients and service providers.
  • Deadlines are set up and met, considering teams are aware of the entire scope from the beginning, thus stating precise dates of product delivery.
  • Fits best with the agile development methodology, thus is highly scalable, flexible and adjustable as a business
    Engagement model.
  • Considered to be the best choice from Fixed Cost and Dedicated Team Engagement models when large, long-lasting and complex projects are considered.
  • Grants deep control over project budget and the project itself, allows easy and fast changes to be done at any comfortable moment.
recro time and budget engagement model
  • Both time and resources will be required from your side from the project’s start and up until you decide everything is done completely and you are satisfied with results.
  • Time & Material Engagement model has no strict timing limitations, hence, technically there is no single, accurate deadline stating all work is done.
  • Constant collaboration and communication provide a strong bridge between partners and negotiable budget decreases numerous risks.