E- Learning Mobility Solutions

What is E- learning Mobility Solutions?

The education industry has always welcomed technological advances with open arms. The integration of technology with education can be traced back to the most basic computational devices and has grown by leaps and bounds with the most advanced mobile applications providing revolutionary E- Learning Mobility Solutions.

Today, as a huge proportion of students have access to smart phones, E- learning mobile apps increasingly student centric, offering a range of alternative learning methods beyond conventional classroom teaching.

Mobility solutions in education have not been developed to substitute the traditional means of learning, but as a complementary platform to augment one’s skill sets.

recro e-learning mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions in the Education Industry

recro education industry e-learning mobility solutions

With the increasing reliance on smart phones, keeping education aloof from technology would be denying the youth of their share of opportunity of holistic learning. As times progress, so do the educational and learning tools and today mobile applications have become instrumental in facilitating greater learning standards.

  • E- Learning, Mobility Solutions are not limited to, video lessons and tutorials, but, encompass a range of alternative learning programs which span beyond the conventional barriers to education for all.
  • Custom- made education mobility solutions are being proposed to promote cross- cultural learning and education without boundaries.
  • Additionally, mobile applications are facilitating learning in the downtrodden areas which lack proper infrastructure and depend on mobility solutions for sustained education.
  • E- Learning app development has also augmented parent teacher communication through applications which allow teachers to share student assessment on a regular basis.
  • Finally, an easy access and an audio- visual medium of imparting knowledge generate greater interest towards learning and retention among pupils thereby increasing student engagement.

what are Mobile App Startups in the Education Industry?


One of the most successful E- Learning Mobility Solutions has been BYJU’s. With an emphasis on contextual and interactive learning, as opposed to rote memorization, BYJU’s offers a range of creative educational tools that helps the students to explore the depths of learning to fill the gaps between teaching and learning. With its unconventional philosophy, this E- Learning mobile app has raised $204 million in a total of 6 rounds.


TopRankers is yet another E- Learning mobile solution providing an integrated platform for the preparation of different government examinations by providing stimulating tests and comprehensive study material in one view. Within a short span of operation, TopRankers has managed to raise $676.96k through angel investment.


Finally, there is Eckovation which seeks to be a singular destination connecting students, parents and teachers to bridge the communication gap that exists between the three. The application completed its latest round of seed funding in January 2016, though the amount is yet undisclosed.








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  • Different education apps have been backed by distinct technology and unique features to promote inclusive learning.
  • Mobility in education has been equipped with features that seek to increase student engagement by relying on audio visuals, exploration of concepts through alternative means and the like.
  • In addition to learning apps, Campus management apps have also been introduced which facilitate mobile enrollment and registration to prevent time and resource wastage.
  • Different teacher- parent communication apps have been armed with cloud storage which allows the teachers to share regular student assessment without space constraints.
  • Mobility solutions which cater to education of the rural areas allow live video streaming and content storage for re- viewing.
  • Finally, through an amalgamation of different courses across different universities into one resource base, some apps also allow mobile certification courses to add to one’s resume.


Custom tailored E- Learning solutions

This type of apps provide E-learning solutions designed according to individuals need.

Increased parent engagement

This type of app build parent-teacher engagement. And facilitate in app communication for  students regular progress assessment.

Tracking attendance and performance

Parent and teacher both can  track the students’ performance and attendance in a one place with the help of this app.

Student assessment and reporting

This type of app provides singular destination for student assessment and reporting.

Medium to reach vast audience

This feature has made authors life very Easy by providing way to reach vast audience through their content.

Gain access to overseas courses

This  feature provides large number of courses options to the user which are not available in a country or place where they are living.

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Different Types of E-learning Applications

Campus management apps

Education institute use this app for students enrollment and registration. It helps them in save their  time and resource. Theses apps generally has all other required information about the institute which user can read to know about the institute.

Teacher- parent communication apps

Different teacher- parent communication apps have been armed with cloud storage which allows the teachers to share regular student assessment without space constraints, and allows parent to track their child’s progress.

certification course apps

This app are basically designed to provide study material and access to virtual classroom. After completion of the course many apps provide the course completion certificate.

online Learning apps

Learning apps helps people to upgrade their skills on online platform.User can enroll for the course, take the course and earn the certificate with this apps. In this apps at a time you have so many options to choose your interest and attend the classes as per your convenience.


We at Recro strive to provide the E- Learning Mobility Solutions by giving our clients a platform to share their ideas and engage in the creation of a robust mobile app by deploying cutting edge technology to enhance productivity. It is our endeavor to deliver the result oriented mobility solutions for all major platforms through a combination of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to achieve market leading performance. E- Learning app development at Recro is aimed at holistic education and open- channel communication.