Working as a Software Engineer

Working as a Software Engineer in a giant- Not the only dream of a millennial coder

Working as a Software Engineer

Conventional wisdom says that all coders aspire is to work for tech giants as software developers. If you are working in software development, chances are high that people assume your dream is to land a job in a global tech organization. Well, we know that you may think differently. Recent studies show millennial coders have different aspirations that may or may not include landing this job. Below we have compiled a list of expectations that those working as a software engineer may have.

A Learning Environment

With new technological developments taking place at the speed of light, one of the prime dreams of a coder is to work in an environment that encourages learning. Most jobs in software development restrict the coders to creating codes for a specific platform. On the contrary, millennial coders prefer working in a setting that allows them to learn new skills and augment their technical acumen. Refining one’s skill set has become the need of the hour. Thus, coders working in software development are opting for employers that invest in the upskilling and training of their developers.

Work Flexibility

When it comes to millennial coders, one thing they despise is a boring and rigid work routine. As a result, software development companies are adopting a more flexible approach. Options like work from home, create your schedule, informal dress code, etc are the new trend for software engineers. Work flexibility allows developers to work during the time their brain is most active. Thus, it ensures maximum productivity. Additionally, millennials working in software development prefer an informal dress code. They advocate that spending more than a few minutes to decide what to wear is a waste of time, and hence have a liking for work opportunities allowing informal dressing.

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Recognition for Work

While monetary income was the sole reason for working in software development in the earlier times, millennial coders are different. They seek recognition for their work in addition to their financial gains. It is not surprising that developers today are ready to work for a lower package if they get a stake in the product they develop and recognition for their work. They prefer to have their name associated with the product, rather than just reap the monetary benefits. It is the ownership of software development that has become an important element for new coders. Thus, a millennial’s dream job brings along the joy recognition for transforming their idea into a product of utility.

Greater Interaction with Senior Management

If you go back a decade or two, it won’t be surprising to note that senior management of organizations had absolutely no engagement with the junior staff. However, software developers now despise such acts. They prefer to have direct communication and interaction with their organization heads. This is the reason that many millennial coders prefer working in closely knit organizations where they can ensure that their voice reaches the top level. It has become very important for developers of software to have a greater say in the direction of their product. Thus, they seek a direct channel of communication with senior management.

Horizontal Collaboration

The traditional managerial approach requires a vertical distribution of power within an organization. Millennial coders are increasingly countering this approach and advocating lateral coordination. They assert that with the watershed of technological innovations taking place, millennial software developers are as important an asset as the senior leaders. Therefore, they argue that unless a stage is set up for horizontal collaboration, the workplace is not conducive to their needs. They prefer to see their colleagues as equal partners with different benefits they bring to the table, rather than in hierarchical divisions.

Multiplicity of Operations

As artificial intelligence is rising, people with only single skill sets will soon become a liability on the society. Consequently, millennial coders believe in developing a multiplicity of skills and domain of expertise. They seek to undertake numerous operations within a single organization to garner variation in their technical knowledge. It is a common scene to see a coder working as a business developer as well within the same organization. They are increasingly rejecting job opportunities as software developers that restrict their profile to a single role of developing codes. To ensure that they are future market ready, millennial coders are seeking employers that are willing to allow them to wear several hats at once.

A Warm Work Culture

A strict work culture and code of conduct is a thing of the past. Millennial coders today look for workplaces that have a relaxed feel, where bosses don’t stand on their heads all day. At the same time, they also seek jobs in software development where they can build strong bonds of friendship. They do not see their career paths just as a means to livelihood. For them, working as a software developer includes finding a family outside the home. Therefore, software development companies are increasingly abandoning a command control operating system in favour of a more cordial and warm work culture.

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Capacity to Invent and Experiment

As working as a software developer requires regular upskilling and training, coders no longer find satisfaction with developing a single type of code. They are increasingly seeking opportunities in software development that encourage them to create new codes and products through experimentation. A millennial’s dream job is at a workplace that invests in his/her capacity building to invent new software using state of the art technologies. Therefore, opportunities in software development that promote greater innovation are more popular amongst developers of software.

Networking Opportunities

Working as a software developer is no longer restricted to the four walls of a cubicle. Software engineers are increasingly looking for networking opportunities to engage with industry leaders. Subsequently, software development jobs that provide them with platforms of such interaction are occupying a special place. Most companies today host or participate in exclusive networking events to open a new resource pool for their employees. Such interaction allows the millennial developers to establish new contacts within and across industries to augment their personal and professional growth.

The Last Word 

If you are a millennial coder, we are sure you’ll agree with each point above. If you’re an employer, you may want to include address these expectations of the new age software developers if you want to recruit and retain the best talent. At Recro, we stand true to each and every expectation of our developers. We provide them with a working environment like no other. If you are a software developer with a passion for technology and need for an unconventional working environment, join us today.


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