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Work with High Velocity Talent: What, Why, How!

Working with a high velocity team is a dream for every employee and employer. Put simply, a high velocity team is one which is high on productivity, output and all that your business requires. While it is undoubtedly a dream to work with high velocity talent, getting together with one is always a challenge. This is especially true for startups. The objective is to onboard the best possible talent even with a limitation on the resources one has access to. In such a situation, getting external help becomes the only solution. It is obvious that each of you must be eager to be a part of such a team. However, before one even onboards high velocity talent, it is important to adopt a three pronged understanding.

Firstly, one needs to comprehend what actually constitutes a high velocity team, i.e. the definition. Secondly, one needs to throw light on why a high velocity team is important, i.e. the utility. Finally, one needs to deliberate on how to onboard high velocity talent, i.e. the way ahead. This blog will robustly answer all these questions step by step.

What is High Velocity Talent?

Let’s begin with the first question that comes to our mind. What exactly is high velocity talent? While there is no one definition to give us a comprehensive understanding of the term, there are several attributes that one can look at. Let us consider them one by one-

Hard Skills

High velocity talent possesses all the required hard skills. This means that whatever skills are pertinent to the role, a high velocity team comes with them. Since hard skills for every industry vary, there is no way we can define what these hard skills include. But we can definitely give an example. In a tech startup, a high velocity team comes with exemplary coding skills, testing skills and project management skills. Without these technical skills, the team will be unable to show the depth of their work.

Soft Skills

High velocity talent is not only about technical expertise. It also needs to couple the hard skills with soft and leadership skills. These include a wide range of areas. For instance, interpersonal communication, ability to collaborate, leading by example, etc. in the absence of these soft skills, a team will be unable to reach the pinnacle which is in fact its goal.

Steep Learning Curve

Next in line is the learning curve. High velocity talent has a steep learning curve. This translates to the fact that they are always hungry for getting their hands on new knowledge. Only when people are open to new experiences and learning can they build a high velocity team.

These are just a few attributes that are the building blocks of what a high velocity team looks like. Charged up with positive energy and a passion to create an impact in their area of work, high velocity teams spearhead great productivity.

Why do you Need High Velocity Talent?

Now that there is a basic understanding of what high velocity talent is all about, we can jump to the next question. This revolves around the rationale of having the same. Again, there are a plethora of reasons why individuals want to associate themselves with a high velocity team. 

Higher Productivity

As high velocity talent comes with the requisite skills and a passion to create an impact, the productivity is very high. The logic is simple. On the one hand, with technical as well as soft skills, their efficiency is off the charts. This effectively translates to greater productivity. On the other hand, since they come with an open mind and are receptive to new ideas, they often bring about cutting edge innovation. Thus, coupling efficiency with innovation yields great productivity.

A1 from Day 1

While it may be a cliche, high velocity talent personifies the phrase, “A1 from Day 1”. This means that members of such a team do not believe in wasting any time in coming up the curve and settling down. If you onboard a high velocity talent, you will see productive day one. This translates to the fact that the results of their performance will be evident from the first day.

Sense of Commitment

Another reason which makes sense to build a high velocity team is that everyone there comes with a great sense of commitment. Their objective to work is not just to mint money. Rather, they come with an attitude to add more knowledge to their system, as well as thrive in the information economy. Thus, they are greatly committed to their work and do not simply see it as a tick in the box.

These are a few illustrative benefits of having high velocity talent. While the list of advantages can go into pages, we thought this will give you an idea.

How to Onboard High Velocity Talent

By now, you would be sold on the idea that every organization needs a high velocity team to thrive. However, the question of how to get your hands on one is tricky in itself. Since onboarding high potential talent is a pain point for almost all HR professionals, building a high velocity team can be a nightmare. Nevertheless, in the present day and age, there are several third party solutions you can count on. Take the example of Recro, for instance. As a third party talent provider, Recro acts as a natural connector between high potential talent and startups that are seeking a high potential team. It seeks to free up the choked bandwidth of business professionals by taking the burden off of their shoulders of building a high velocity team. Let us quickly look at some of the benefits such an approach brings along-

Flexible Scaling

To begin with, collaborating with third party solutions for a high velocity team allows you to adjust to the market dynamics. You don’t need to give any commitment to the high potential talent. Rather you can have on demand resources based on your needs. It allows you to scale up and scale down according to your talent requirements.

Easy Replacements

When you directly work with high potential talent, the churn out rate can be very high. Since such individuals are hard to find, they are always in demand. We understand how difficult it is to fill a position for a second time. Third party solutions take care of this for you. They offer easy replacements for any resource you need, no questions asked. It becomes their headache now.

Access Pre Qualified Talent

Finally, working with a third party talent provider liberates the organization HR from constantly going through different profiles to map the talent requirement. The former provide qualified profiles that come with intense training and are ready to add productivity from the first day.

High Velocity Talent: The Recro Way

If you are looking to build a high velocity team to skyrocket your organizational performance, write to us. Our customized talent solutions can definitely help you embrace the team you desire and deserve. Alternatively, if you are a high talent individual, shoot us an email and we will help you connect with the 1000s of organizations seeking your expertise.


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