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Work From Home: A Glimpse of How Recro is Practicing Social Distancing

As the global pandemic Covid- 19 came to India, one thing that brought together the entire India Inc. was a shift towards work from home. Undoubtedly, working from home is not an entirely new idea for startups in India. However, when it comes as a need and not a choice, the situation plays out differently. If you Google today, you will come across a plethora of articles on how work from home is not feasible for a variety of organizations. On the other hand, those that could in fact ensure work from home without losing on the productivity, found themselves unprepared as the decision of a nationwide lockdown came out. Most of us were anticipating such a decision to come in the aftermath of the Janta Curfew. However, some companies did not prepare themselves to the maximum.

Thankful to the way we have been working for a long time, work for home did not put our work at Recro to a backseat. Obviously, it was a little challenging at first when we could not see the happy faces of our coworkers first thing in the morning. At the same time, those small coffee breaks to catch on with each other what is going on is being missed. However, each one of us has been constantly putting in all the effort. Our endeavor is to make sure that we come out stronger than ever. Here are a few glimpses of how team Recro is practicing social distancing as we #workfromhome.

work from home

Coordination and Work From Home: Use Tools to Be Aligned 

“The initial few days things were a bit difficult, especially, when it came to coordination. You can guess how things could be hard, switching the way you work all of a sudden without any preparation. The hard parts were, follow ups and getting things done by others. Despite constant messages and emails, initially the responses were delayed. However, I realized that everyone needed some time to accustom themselves to the new way to work. Eventually things started changing. Now I am able to do more in many ways. I guess others have also got adapted and virtual follow ups are better than ever. For coordination and to stay organised I rely on tools like Miro, which are absolutely free. Now Work from Home feels something like Work from Office, but for sure I miss the coffee times at office.”

-Shihabudheen, Software Engineer

Two Weeks Down: Still Going Strong

“We’ve been working from home for 2 weeks now. Undoubtedly, the team is coordinating very well and contributing  efficiently to each project’s growth. As a result we’ve delivered 3 Android sprints and 4 iOS sprints whilst we work from home. Coordination and passion are the keys for a successful team work while working from home. It is our passion that is helping us keep the momentum in these unprecedented times.”

Nishmitha, Assistant Project Manager

“I can connect with my colleagues every minute of every day as and when the need arises. Remote collaboration, thanks to the internet and our digital devices is a boon in today’s situation. In fact, work from home has increased work life balance as I spend more time with my family. I agree that our tea and coffee breaks are being missed. But, who said we can’t have virtual tea breaks? I know it sounds funny, but trust me catching up with your colleagues on a video call with your cup of coffee can be very refreshing and encouraging in these tough times. This meeting is not about work, it’s all about spending some valuable time with my `Family outside home’. 

I believe working from home is helping me build a career and a life together. It is allowing me not to compromise one for the other. And also to tackle COVID – 19 averting Stage 3, which refers to community transmission, staying at home is doing our bit. Be safe & work remotely.” 

-Yashaswini H M, Software Engineer

Work From Home: Before it Was Cool!

At Recro, we can definitely boast around work from home has been normal for us, before it was trending. While the situation may not be ideal, this lockdown has left some food for thought for every organization out there on how they work and where they work from. In fact, we believe that working from home has enabled us to collaborate more effectively. Maybe when all of this is over and the situation normalizes, all organizations can make a conscious choice to make work from home a normal practice. All of us at Recro, hope that our efforts of working from home will help the global community in fighting Covid- 19. Needless to say, while we are practicing social distancing, we are not socially disconnected from each other!


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