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Why we Ditched the 9-5 Work Schedule?

2019 has been an eventful year for Recro. Not only did we shift to an amazing new workspace, we even played a little with our office timings. Conventionally, organizations follow a 9-5 work schedule, and so did we for a long time. But lately, we realized that this ‘norm’ of working from 9-5 was not the most effective thing to do. We could hear chatters about the frustrating traffic and of course, how traffic jams messed up with our team’s work- life balance. So, we thought of juggling up things a bit and shifted to a 7-4 work schedule. Believe it or not, this has been one of the finest moves for us and our team productivity. Have a look at what motivated us to ditch the 9-5 work schedule!

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Beat the Traffic

Did you know that an average individual from Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai spends at least 1.2- 2 hours more on the travel commute as opposed to other Asian countries? That’s because the congestion during peak hours is just ruthless. A 9-5 work schedule, invariably, forces individuals to muster up the courage to make their way through this congestion to reach office, and that too, twice a day! This was one of the major reasons for our shifting to a 7-4 work schedule. We have bid farewell to the daily cribbing of “Now time to face the long traffic jams!.”

2 Hours of Undisturbed Work

The new work culture is all about collaborations and being a client centric organization, we have to be on the forefront of client calls. However, attending client calls doesn’t mean we don’t have backend work for which we need complete peace of mind. Starting our day at 9 means starting it with client calls. But, starting it at 7 gives us enough time to work on things that need attention, but are lost in the way. These 2 hours of undisturbed work have made our work schedule more streamlined and definitely, more productive. The peace and quiet for 2 starting hours are in fact, contributing to better mental health within the team.

Work- Life Balance & Work Schedule

“You’re always working and are never home for any family time” Is this something your team members complain that they get to hear from their family? Well, been there, done that! Most of us, after slothing through the traffic of Bengaluru during peak hours, either reached home too late or were anyway too tired to invest in quality family time. But that shouldn’t be the case, right? At Recro, we believe that the work schedule should never hamper our team’s work- life balance. Since our team now doesn’t have to face the frustrating traffic, and they also get free early, they have more than enough time to maintain a healthy work- life balance!

Utilize the most Productive Hours

While this may not be applicable to all, but the morning hours are when individuals are most productive. It is during early morning that the creativity spurt hits us. Shifting to a 7-4 work schedule is helping our team reap the benefit of the most productive hours. We cannot afford to lose out on these creative hours, especially as a startup. It is in fact, one of the best decisions we took. “We are now able to come up with almost twice better ideas and products which are market ready.”

A word of caution though, reaching office at 7 is not for the faint hearted. But honestly, when you realize the benefits it offers, you will be head over heels for this work schedule. Of course, we offer flexible working for those who do not want to work from 7-4. However, rarely have we seen our team opting for a different work schedule. If you also feel that you are unable to utilize your maximum productivity and wish to work with this spicy work schedule, come join us, today!


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