School Bus Tracking Apps

Why We Need School Bus Tracking Apps?

Why we need school bus tracking apps?

School buses have one of the most important duties of transporting the students to and from the school. The recent soaring of crimes, especially during student commute, have become a matter of grave concern. Increasingly, parents are apprehensive about sending their kids in school buses. The school transportation system often lacks any communication or accountability after it leaves the school premises. Therefore, one of the most popular mechanisms that schools are increasingly adopting is using school bus tracking apps. School bus tracking systems have numerous benefits that we shall detail below. By accessing the real-time details about the bus location provides the parents with some sort of relaxation.

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The advantages of having school bus tracking apps

The benefits of having school bus tracking apps include advantages for both the parents as well as the school authorities. While parents feel more relaxed and release their tension, school authorities are better placed to answer any anxieties of parents. The utility of school bus tracking apps is increasing every day, including the following benefits-

Advantages of Having School Bus Tracking App
Advantages of Having School Bus Tracking App
  • Real-time tracking and access to location information

Real- time location tracking apps can enable both the school authorities and parents to track any bus in real time. Such tracking assists both the parties in estimating the exact location of the bus. Real-time tracking can help all the stakeholders in judging the time of arrival and schedule pickups accordingly. Benefits of GPS tracking for school buses also ensure any delays in the bus route can be notified digitally, reducing the pressure on manual communication. School bus tracking apps allow parents to follow the bus on its route and keep an eye on it to increase accountability. Real-time school bus tracker app has also become an additional benefit that the school can promote as a means to ensure child safety.

  • Ensure driver accountability and responsibility

Once in the bus, students become the responsibility of the bus driver and staff. However, keeping in mind the increase in transport crimes, holding the bus driver accountable has become very important. Schools have been employing a number of safeguards, like employing nannies for buses. However, a nexus that generates between the nannies, conductors, and drivers is likely to render such a safeguard useless. This gap is easily bridgeable by using school bus GPS tracking apps. School bus tracking systems prevent the driver and bus staff from indulging in foul play. The team knows that they are under real-time surveillance of parents and school authorities. Thus, this acts as a means to hold the driver accountable and responsible for his/her actions.

  • Reduce resource and time wastage and augment efficiency

The use of tracking apps can increase efficiency manifold by monitoring and thereby reducing costs. School authorities can monitor bus routes over a period of time to understand the time and fuel investment for a specific route. Further, alternative routes to reach the same destination can be explored. Such alternative paths are likely to be less fuel intensive reducing fuel costs for the school. Additionally, a route with less traffic can benefit the students, by helping them reach back in less time. Invariably, such fuel and time efficiency will have a positive impact on the ecology of the city. If every school is able to reduce their fuel consumption by a mere 5%, owing to rerouting using tracking apps, a considerable environmental change is possible.

  • Anticipate delays to improve scheduling

The massive traffic jams that exist today can be a major cause of the delay of school buses. Such delays often become a cause of dismay and displeasure among the parents. Conventionally, parents ring up school authorities to understand the cause of delay who in turn contact the bus staff. This is an unnecessarily long process for communication which wastes a lot of time. Tracking apps prevent such time wastage. By tracking the school bus in real time, parents are aware of any delays or jams. Therefore, this doesn’t become a cause of worry. On the other hand, if buses get late while coming to school, real-time tracking allows school authorities to reschedule important tests or assemblies. This prevents any academic or cultural loss that the child may face due to delays.

  • Ensure compliance with traffic rules and safety guidelines

Schools often receive complaints about their drivers not following traffic rules and other safety guidelines. Tracking apps not only provide real-time location but also monitor other logistics. For instance, tracking apps can help authorities monitor the average speed that a driver follows. Any speed increases beyond a specific threshold may be a cause for alarm. Therefore, tracking apps can help school authorities force drivers to comply with road safety rules. On the other hand, they can use these apps as proof of misconduct on the road, in case the driver denies unnecessary speeding.

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The advantages of having school bus tracking apps remarkably overpower the costs involved in developing such an app. It is important that we leverage the technological advances to ensure the safety of school students. While most schools today are adopting such measures, many are still about the utility of school bus tracking apps. Nevertheless, a mutual understanding between the parents and school authorities is vital to lay a ground for the urgent need for such beacon apps.

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