app design is important

Why App Design is so much important?

App Design? How can you possibly define the term app design? Well, to be short and precise app design is basically the sum of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). As we say daily on our play store and our app store, there are tons of apps and all for the same use like if you are looking for a music player there is not a single music player available out there, there are many. Same goes for a photo editor app. All these are different in size, coding, UI yet performing the same work, so how can the users categorize apps as best, good, average and poor. Just go through few of the apps, the difference you will find between all of them is the User Experience. And for the same reason, the application you will be most comfortable with, you will rate that as the best. So, as a consequence, we got the result that app coding is important, but what gives your app a competitive edge is your app design. As an app creator, you got two options you either hire a great app designer from the market or try doing that yourself. Now, what are the points and benefits that you might be getting along with your app design:-

  • A Greater Boost  

Your app design is something that makes you different from other apps, those apps which might be greatly coded, “but” poorly designed. These apps seem normal and common looking and very few users go for them. In this case, your app will ultimately show you a great growth rate and will be profitable for you and your users both.

A Greater Boost


  • Maintain a user-friendly relationship
I consider this as a really good feature that is really important. Interact with your users, go through their feedbacks, try considering their few demands, especially the most common ones. They make you realize the lags and the things that can help you grow. When such users find their opinions getting heard, they automatically turn up as a fan or a loyal user of the app which is a must in situations where your app suffers a competition after reaching heights as they got to trust in you that eventually, you will put up better.
  • Keep it Simple
That’s one of the “mantras” that most of us follow. While creating an app, many of us go too far for the sake of providing too many options or beneficiaries for the user, they end up making the application messier and a bit complicated which ultimately confuses the user. That’s why we should always try keeping it simple, don’t push too hard. Save some options for an updated version of your app, and neglect those which are unnecessary. Stick to the plan, keep it simple and keep it smooth.

Keep it Simple

  • Reduces your future tensions
If you bring up your app design as the best and contrasting feature of your app, you are more likely to get saved from the upcoming tensions or the worries. This even saves up your investment for the future that the app will be requiring. Putting in some extra investment, extra time and your hard work will surely bore up a sweet fruit for you. And there will be less to compete with as your app design has already provided you with that giant head start.We at Recro, have done or improved the UI/UX of companies like Looqery, BullBear Device, Dealocx, Yatis etc along with the development part of it too.
future tensions

So, what are you waiting for, go for it? Go for working on your app design, believe me, it’s worth a shot.


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