Why A Freelancer Might Not Be The Best Choice For Your Next Web Development Project

Why A Freelancer Might Not Be The Best Choice For Your Next Web Development Project?

The web development market is racing like anything. As per the Markets and Markets report, the web content management market will hit the $14.3 billion mark by 2026. Moreover, based on the bureau of labor statistics, the overall employment of web developers and digital designers is expected to grow by 23% from 2021 to 2022.

These stats are enough to prove that surviving in the digital age without a website or an app is tough, not to forget the market competition that is soaring like anything.

However, having an app is not enough. One has to make and market it properly so that it is well received by the audience. Take the example of Hike; it was a great app, better than even WhatsApp in some aspects. One of the reasons Hike failed was not having the right pool of talent. So, if you are building a website or an app for your business, you need to do every little thing right, which includes hiring good developers.

Now, if you want to hire developers, you can either a freelancer or a dedicated team for your project. Both of them are valid choices but hiring a freelancer may be holding a two-edged sword. Why? Well, let’s read this article and find out why!

Pros & Cons Of Hiring A Freelancer

A freelancer is an independent contractor who works on a per-job or per-project basis. It is the best option for you if you have a small task that can be finished in less time. However, hiring a freelancer is not an informed choice for every project.

Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer!


  1. Less investment: One of the key elements of a business is the expenses. Hiring an in-house person or team consumes a lot of money. You have to interview the candidate, handle the onboarding, and provide them with dedicated devices and whatnot. All of this can lead to a lot of expenses that can be clearly saved if you hire remote software developers.
  1. Flexible team building: Web development follows a dynamic approach. It means that at some stages, the onboarding and off-boarding may vary. Hence, hiring a freelance developer can be an ideal choice as they can be swiftly hired and left. As freelancers may be available for a limited time, you need to have a great project to hire them and work for you.
  1. Talent across the globe: One of the best pros of hiring a freelancer is the scope. If you are hiring a freelancer, there are countless websites on the web that can help you, such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. Most importantly, these websites are global, so you can hire developers from anywhere in the world. 


  1. Software quality: A major drawback that most software firms face when they hire software developers is software quality. Though not all freelancers are the same, most hiring portals do not have a proper vetting process to verify their skills. Hence, when businesses hire freelancers for web development, the software quality may not be promising.

However, platforms like Upwork have a review system that helps freelancers worry about their repo and deliver better work quality. Parallelly, the reviews also help businesses get their hands on the best resources.

  1. After-sales or maintenance support: If you think about the entire development process from beginning to end, you will know that it is tough to hire a freelancer who knows everything. This is where the challenge arrives. If you hire remote developer, there may be good at development but not at after-sales support or maintenance. Therefore, you may have to hire another freelancer for that for whom getting familiar with the project may take time.
  1. Communication: Communication is the prime aspect of every collaboration. If you are hiring remote freelancers for web development, communication can get tricky if they belong to different cultures where your languages do not sync. Hence, it can be tough to maintain effective communication. Make sure you check your communication skills before hiring.
  1. Quality of developer: One of the debatable aspects of a freelancer is quality. Code quality and developer quality are entirely different aspects. When you are hiring a freelance developer, it is tough to make out how good a developer is, even if they have the required certifications. If they are charging less, it is possible that they may not be the ideal pick for you. On the other hand, if the charges are manageable or more, you may have to interview them, which is, again, a hassle.
  1. Surveillance and control: When you hire remote developers for your web development project, you do not have much control over their work. Though you can get the issues resolved after the work is done, it can cost you more than standard charges. This is also a challenge as you cannot keep an eye on the work of the developers while they are working but can only analyze the work only when it’s done, though less.

How Can A Dedicated Team Help You Complete Your Project?

As we have reviewed the pros and cons of hiring freelancers, let’s see how a dedicated team can help you complete your app development projects.

Here are some chief points that make a dedicated team worth your investment more than a freelancer.

  1. Reputation: One key aspect where a dedicated team distinguishes itself from freelancers is reputation. Almost every agency that has a dedicated team also has a website. If they are legitimate, they are also registered on portals like Good firms, Clutch, Upwork, etc.

Now, when you hire a dedicated team, whether locally or overseas, they will have a reputation on the web. You can check out the mentioned web portals and their website for reviews and testimonials. These reviews can help you hire a productive team altogether.

  1. All-round service: Unlike freelancers who might be skillful in just one aspect, a dedicated team will have people with different expertise and skills. Hence, you would not have to hire multiple people separately for multiple job roles like designing, testing, maintenance, and more.
  1. Manageable: Another great reason to hire a dedicated team for your web development project is management. Unlike multiple freelancers at different locations, a dedicated team always comes with a manager who manages and creates a progress report. With a manager, it is easier to manage the team than for freelancers.
  1. Better tools: The key to better web software is advanced tools. When you hire a freelancer, they may not have the required tools due to budget constraints. However, a dedicated team manager invests in the best development tools available. The availability of better tools automatically boosts development speed and code quality.
  1. Better communication: Whether you hire a local software development team or an overseas team, the communication part becomes easy. You see, a software development team is managed by a manager, and they play a pivotal role in communicating the progress of the project. Unlike freelancers, that may be hard to communicate with; a dedicated team is responsible for delivering you timely progress reports.

All these are crucial aspects of a dedicated team. Unlike freelancers, a dedicated team might cost you more, but there is a guarantee of code quality, software stability, and after-sales maintenance. Moreover, you also get updates on time. This is how a dedicated software development team can help you complete the project.

How Startups Like Swiggy & Dunzo Are Able To Scale Quickly?

To be honest, finding the right software developers for your web development project is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time & effort to get the right talent. But how did firms like Swiggy and Dunzo scale so quickly?

The core reason is an agency that caters to some of the best developers for startups like this. Recro is an exceptional recruitment agency that has eight of professional experience that sets them apart from other agencies. But this is not it. There are many other factors that act as perfect USPs for them.

  1. Get the best developers: Recro bestows you with the best developers on the web. If we talk about the numbers, Recro claims to shortlist from 1-2% of developers on the web. We keep our vetting round strict and rigorous to get the ideal developers for you.
  1. No training cost at all: With Recro’s top-notch services, you will get potential techies, which means that you won’t have to train them. These hired developers will work for you with full productivity from day 1.
  1. Easy scaling: If you are up for scaling your team and are confused about hiring the right developers, Recro can do it for you while saving you thousands of research hours. We carefully analyze the market dynamics, and user demands to scale your team.
  1. Faster hiring process: Unlike other firms, we do not confuse you with a blind time period. When you contact us, you are surefire to get a developer in or under 15 days, saving you a lot of time. In case you are scaling, our notice period is 30 days, and the minimum commitment is three months.

So, these are some of the reasons brands like Swiggy, Dunzo, Cure.Fit, Flipkart, and many others have easily and qualitatively scaled.


So, in an abstract, we can say that hiring a freelancer for your web development project will not be an ideal choice for you. If you are looking to hire remote developer for your project, it is best to build a dedicated team. And if you are unsure about where to hire these developers, Recro can help you with their remarkable services and experience.

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