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Where Can You Find The Best Node JS Developers?

Web development with NodeJS is a fruitful exercise as it leads to better productivity and lower development costs. The open-source web development environment allows developers to leverage Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and build server-side components. With several big names in the world associating with NodeJS, other businesses feel confident about using NodeJS for their development purposes. 

To harness the benefits of any technology or program, you need the right people to operate and work with the system. In our discussion, you need to hire NodeJS experts to ensure that the end product is just as you expect and even better. The caveat here is hiring good and dedicated NodeJS developers. 

So, this article will help you understand how to hire dedicated Node JS developer and what processes to follow for the same.

The many skills of a Node JS expert

NodeJS experts are tasked with deploying and managing network applications built with JavaScript. They are responsible for controlling data exchange between the users and servers, developing backend components, and establishing strong connections between applications and third-party services. 

This may sound a bit technical for the non-technical hirees, but understand this, a NodeJS developer allows seamless integration and connectivity of data exchange. 

  • They build and deploy server-side networking components and elements. 
  • Ensure that all the front-end requests are rallied smoothly to the database and ensure effective performance. 
  • NodeJS developers work alongside front-end developers to integrate components and systems. 
  • They also help with designing the client-side UI components and connecting them to the backend services. 
  • Expert NodeJS developers must write testable, readable, scalable, and usable code.
  • They need to know how to run tests to fix the bugs and deficiencies and also provide technical support when needed. 
  • NodeJS developers need to provide recommendations on improving the architecture and structure of the processes involved. 
  • Lastly, they must stay updated with the latest development in this technology and learn to implement the new systems. 

To sum it up, when you hire Node JS experts, they should thoroughly understand the technology and how it operates. Besides, always root for developers that know the connected programming systems. With NodeJS, the developers who have worked with Express, Koa.JS, Hapi, Total.JS, etc., must be preferred. 

Another thing you must take into consideration is their understanding of RESTful APIs and other API communication. Hire dedicated Node JS developers that can infer the existing API codes and know how to apply them to the projects. 

Different Types of Node JS developers You Can Hire

The beauty of a globalized world is that you can find the perfect setting to hire and manage the right people to work on your projects. In this scenario, when you want to hire Node JS experts, you can take three routes;

  1. Freelancer

A freelancer means someone who will work on your project for as long as you need. Once the project is over or even before, you can let them go without having to worry about leaving benefits, notice periods, etc. 

The freelance or gig economy is on the rise, and it lets companies adjust to the product or service demand by scaling up or down their workforce. It is also one of the most cost-efficient methods, but it also has some risks. 

At times, freelancers may not be accountable, they can delay the work, or the work won’t be fit according to needs. Because most freelancers work from remote location, you cannot micromanage their workings. 

Moreover, with freelancers, you cannot expect a long-term work collaboration. For projects that require dedicated and full-time involvement, freelancers are not an ideal choice. 

  1. Dedicated Developers

The word “dedicated” means that the developer will only work on your project for a fixed number of hours every day until the project is complete. The dedicated hiring model is beneficial for companies as it allows them to hire developers solely for their project in a flexible setting. 

This means that even if the developers are dedicatedly working on the company’s project, the latter doesn’t have to worry about in-house hiring. This sort of arrangement fits well when your existing team is working on another project, and you need someone to work on a new one. As you hire dedicated Node JS developers, they will provide the cost-efficiency benefits with the agility and productivity offered by an in-house team. 

Because they are dedicatedly working on your project, the dedicated developers respond quickly. 

  1. Full-time

Full-time NodeJS developers will work on your premises or from their homes only with your company. This is like building an in-house team of developers and specialists to work on projects with NodeJS. This is one of the best options to hire developers and get the work done, but building an in-house team comes at a cost. 

The benefits of an in-house team are that you will be in complete control of how the project turns out to be, you will be able to communicate seamlessly, and that manage everything easily. 

However, you will have to pay the developers a fixed monthly salary. And this is regardless of the kind of work they provide. Plus, you must provide them with employment benefits, insurance, paid holidays, etc. 

While the results here are great, they do come at a cost, and sometimes this cost is too high for companies to bear. 

So, the right choice to hire Node JS experts depends on your requirements and the work settings. If you can give more time to manage everything and even bear some frustration of chasing the developers, hire freelancers. In other instances, you will get to manage everything easily, but the cost will be relatively high. 

Why should you hire a dedicated Node JS developer?

We are staunch supporters of dedicated Node JS developers. Hiring a dedicated developer gives you the flexibility and cost-efficiency of a freelancer, and it provides the ease of management and communication you will get with an in-house team. 

So, this is like having the best of both worlds. In this hiring model, you will get to manage the dedicated developer’s work and monitor their moves closely while remaining at a distance. Usually, dedicated developers work on a monthly basis and or contractual payments according to the project size. 

  • Skillful Developers: Dedicated developers have built the habit of working on single projects and delivering the required work on time. They train and upskill themselves. You can benefit from this approach and hire dedicated Node JS developers with the right experience and expertise. 
  • Flexible Pricing: Dedicated developers have a flexible costing structure. They can agree on a per-hour basis, weekly, monthly, or project-based pricing. You have the freedom to negotiate the pricing and start working together right after the contract is signed. 
  • Easy to Reach: The dedicated developers you hire are easy to reach and communicate with because they are working only on your project. You won’t have to chase them down for every detail, and some developers are proactive when it comes to communication. 
  • Deliver Work on Time: Another benefit of hiring a dedicated developer is their delivery time. While this might not be a generalised thing, dedicated developers are more accountable and responsible. 

So, with hiring dedicated NodeJs developers, you will get the expected results, benefit from the reduced development cost, and communicate easily. 

Where Can You Find The Best Node JS Developer?

It is imperative to find the right developer for the job. And to find the right person, you need to look into the right places. Here we have a few platforms that will help you find and hire Node JS experts. 

  1. LinkedIn

The largest professional network, LinkedIn, is where people come to find new people for their projects, to share their knowledge, to interact with like-minded people, and socialize. LinkedIn provides several features to help employers post their requirements and find the right person for the job. 

Source: LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can post about the requirements with your or your company’s handle. You can get recommendations from your professional network and even ask your friends to refer good NodeJS developers. 

Since the platform is free, you won’t have to pay anything for hiring the developer besides spending time and effort in scanning the profiles you get from posting. 

  1. Upwork

Upwork is another professional platform, but the way it works is different. On Upwork, you have to share your requirements via a job post. That job post will be published on Upwork, and from there, you will get responses from your potential developers. 

Upwork also has an in-built payment gateway, communication system, time tracking interface, and much more. It provides employers with work security in that the developer you hire will only get paid after you give the signal. 

For developers, they have set protective measures like the employer must deposit the payout in an escrow account before the work begins. As an employer, you can explore the profiles of applicants and hire them from Upwork for better management. 

  1. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is similar to Upwork. Employers post their requirements on the platform, and developers respond with their proposals. The employers can then go through the proposals and developer profiles and hire the ideal developer for the job. 

  1. Recro

Recro is an all-inclusive solution helping employers and companies get in touch with the ideal developers. With Recro, you can hire a dedicated Node JS developer quickly. 

The platform has a team of qualified and verified developers ready to work on your projects. The recruitment team at Recro works for your benefit and hunts down the best NodeJS developers in the industry. Once the developers are onboarded in the panel, employers can send in their requirements, go through the pre-verified list, and hire the developer. 

Let Recro Help You In Finding The Right Match For Your Brand

Recro is the one-stop solution that helps you find the right people for the job. We have coding experts on our team who are brilliant at their work and are innovative enough to propel your business to the next stage. 

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