WhatsApp UPI- How to transfer and receive money from Whatsapp payments?

Whatsapp Payment Announcement

Entering into the digital payments platform in India, Whatsapp has launched its peer-to- peer payment feature in beta version. Accessible to a limited audience at present, the feature popped up in the settings section. The trending news since then has been, “Now you can Whatsapp Money.” As per sources, the whatsapp payment feature is will work in tandem with the UPI or Unified Payment Interface. The launching of the whatsapp payment option has been its first step towards becoming a digital transaction platform. India serves as one of the largest market of active users of whatsapp, and therefore, a one stop destination to survey a total of 200 million responses at once.

There have been reports suggesting that whatsapp has been in conversation with a number of Indian banks to provide an array of options to its customers. However, as of now, no official statement has gone on record from the whatsapp team. The integration with UPI has been an attempt to facilitate greater consumer use, as the bank base of UPI is already over 71. The UPI integration will, therefore, allow almost all whatsapp users to make use of this brand new feature. One of the greatest challenges that any new entrant in the digital payment platform faces, is the accumulation of a user base. Whatsapp successfully passed this hurdle as the customer base for its messaging app has now become the potential users of its new digital payment feature.

Who all can use Whatsapp Payment?

The whatsapp payment option in its beta version is not accessible to the entire 200 million user base as of now. A select few users, both from android and iOS have been privileged to use this feature with its initial launch. The rationale behind limiting the number of users is to prevent an overload of transactions for the app as well as for the bank. A phased out rolling out is likely to ensure a more streamlined operation, avoiding the technical glitches and the possibility of major hang ups.

The ones who have not yet received the payment option in their messaging app will have to wait for the second launch phase. Whatsapp payment requires both the parties of a potential transaction to have the latest version of whatsapp. Additionally, both the parties will require registering their whatsapp numbers with their respective banks. Finally, the same number should also be registered with the UPI support to facilitate payments as whatsapp payment is powered by UPI.

Where to find Whatsapp Payment Option?

The whatsapp payment option is available under the settings section of the whatsapp messaging app. To make use of the feature, click on the three dots on the top right corner. A drop down menu will appear, click on settings from it. Once the settings tab opens, an option of payments will be visible. Clicking on this payments options will allow the user to accept the terms and conditions and verify the respective mobile number, prior to adding one’s bank account details.

Additionally, the payments feature is also accessible on individual chats. For Android users, the option is available in the attachments feature. The iOS users can access it using the plus option.


How to add, change or delete the Bank Account Details for Whatsapp Payment?

Adding a bank account to whatsapp payment is an easy process and does not require a lot of hard work. Follow these simple steps and add your bank account details in a jiffy-

  1. Open whatsapp messaging app and tap on ‘Settings’.
  2. Select the ‘Payments’ options from the settings bar.
  3. A sub- heading with the name of ‘Bank Accounts’ will appear, click on the ‘Add Account’ option.
  4. Go through the terms and conditions, and click on ‘Accept and Continue’ if you agree with the terms.
  5. Click on ‘Verify via an SMS’ option to verify your number and UPI connection.
  6. The users who do not have a UPI connection, will be required to set it up prior to using whatsapp payment.
  7. Follow the instructions of the message to initiate the linking process.
  8. The next screen will show you a list of banks and you can choose the bank you wish to add.
  9. The account linked to the phone number that you just sent an SMS from will appear on the screen with the account details.
  10. Selection of the requisite bank account will complete your Bank Account set up with whatsapp payment, indicating a successful UPI integration.
  11. Whatsapp allows the addition of multiple bank accounts following the same process. Addition of multiple accounts requires the user to choose one account as the ‘Primary Account’ for the ease of use.
  12. Changes or Deletion of the Bank Accounts details is also possible. It can be done by choosing the specific bank account that needs to be changed or deleted, and performing the necessary function.

How to ‘Transfer’ the money via Whatsapp Payment?

Once your bank account details have been set up, sending money via whatsapp payment is a child’s play.

  1. Open whatsapp messaging app and open the individual chat of the person you wish to send the money to.
  2. Click on the ‘Attachment’ option, which is in the shape of a paper clip.
  3. The pop up menu of attachment will have an option for ‘Payment’.
  4. Click on the ‘Payment’ option.
  5. Money can only be sent to those whatsapp numbers that have the payments feature, with their bank account details and UPI number added.
  6. Fulfillment of the above condition will display the option to ‘Add’ the amount you wish to send.
  7. You can also add a note to the amount to indicate the purpose of sending the amount. Once the amount and note are in place, the option to ‘Send’ will appear.
  8. Post hitting send, you will required to enter your 4 digit UPI pin and click enter.
  9. The UPI pin acts as the last straw to authenticate your payment, following which the money is transferred.
  10. A confirmation message from the respective bank will follow to alert you about the successful transaction.
  11. Transfer to individual persons within a group is also possible. Select the individual and follow the same process. Upon successful transfer, the sender will receive an SMS, intimating the transaction to the particular contact.

How to ‘Receive’ the money via Whatsapp Payments?

Receiving money does not require any work on the part of the receiver. Having the whatsapp messaging app enabled with the payment feature is the only pre requisite. Whatsapp will immediately alert a user, via an SMS, if he/she is the recipient of a successful transaction. The receiver can then check the respective bank details to confirm the transfer.

In addition to carry out digital monetary transactions in the form of P2P lending, whatsapp also allows its users to view their transaction history and monitor the previous payments. Whatsapp payment feature maintains a log of all transactions of a user which are easily accessible. Click on the 3 dots of the primary screen of the app. Tap on ‘Settings’ and a drop down menu will appear. Click on ‘Payments’ and select the ‘View History’ option. This transaction history will enlist all the payments made and received.


Offering a mobile digital payment solution, whatsapp is likely to face a stiff competition. This competition will stem from the already established players of the game, mainly PayTm and MobiKwik. Additionally, the current features of the whatsapp payment option are limited in scope. They will not be enough to address all the needs and demands of the large user base it seeks to address. Additionally, the range of UPI users is also a mystery that requires decoding. Finally, the solution to fraudulent payments will pose a major threat to its customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless, as a first step, whatsapp payment has received a warm welcome by a large chunk of Indian users. Though making payment by a mobile number is not a new phenomenon, but integrating it with an active digital messaging app holds a lot of potential. If it is able to jump all the potential hurdles, whatsapp payment service is likely to herald a new age of digital payments disruption in India.


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