Voyage of Determination; Lovely’s Art of Consistent Zeal 

Determination is the essence of success. It is the only thing that keeps you going despite the roadblocks that stymied your journey. Lovely Kumari’s pursuit of achieving goals kept her motivated along the way. Since schooling, Lovely outperformed in her academics. Her competitive spirit always drove her to push her limits. Lovely’s zest for following her passion always motivated her to go the extra mile. With a degree in Information Technology (IT), Lovely embarked on her engineering dream. Besides her strong foundation and knowledge, Lovely never held herself back from exploring things. Her belief and self-discipline were the main factors for her progress. 

Stepping Stone 

Besides academics, her participation in various internships and projects helped her to excel. Lovely’s work in Data structure and Android development turned out as a concrete stone for the initiation of her professional career. Looking at her performance in android development, she was offered an internship in her final year. Juggling between college and internship, Lovely never compromised with her work quality. She claims that this phase not only allowed her to multitask but also enabled her to raise her performance graph. 

Challenges in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurts.


The Inception 

Lovely molded herself into a professional even before she started her career. Her caliber never allowed her to settle for instant gratification. Her ability in carrying the project forward granted her the authorization of higher projects. Therefore, helping her to develop the skills of project management. 

“Never settle for anything less but excellence’’, says Lovely.

Recro Stage 

Lovely’s quest for exposure bought her across Recro. She instantly identified with Recro’s objective of bridging talent with opportunity. Lovely was keen on the instrumental learning that Recro offered for an individual’s growth. Surrounded by the team with passion and determination, Lovely never looked back.  

“It is really important to stay with an organization that fuels your passion and believes in the excursion of continuous learning.”

Final word 

I always stepped in what I loved the most. The passion that comes with it is so powerful that you can supersede any consequences that come along. My agility in learning and applying things, consistently motivated me to go the extra mile. Additional to that, being a part of the team driven by passion assisted me to be a better version of myself. I always believed in togetherness. Learning from people helped me to upscale my work, therefore, making it flawless,” says Lovely.

At Recro, we aim at bridging the talent with opportunity and subsequently providing them with a platform to learn, execute, and excel in their career. 


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