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A typical work day at Recro- Why you will fall in love with the way we work

As an employee, each one of us desires to work at a place with a warm work culture. It is not necessary that a work space needs to be formally oriented to provide professional growth. In fact, these days we are witnessing changing work trends environment. Individuals prefer a relaxed, informal work culture, over the traditional ones. While such work trends may not be feasible across industries, the IT industry has been quick to embraces these changes. As a part of the tech sector, Recro has been leading this change in its own right. At Recro, the way we work is something our members boast about. Don’t believe us? Well, read on how an employee spends a typical day in office. We bet you’ll fall in love with the way we work because we follow work trends 2018.

Starting the day- Know the way we work

A typical day at Recro does not start at the same time from everyone. Team members have the flexibility to decide their own timings. They may come in at 9 AM or at 11 AM, it is their choice. We despise the idea that one should start working as soon as one enters the office premises. We encourage our team members to network and engage with fellow colleagues to build an atmosphere of compassion and belongingness. Since we invest in the holistic development of our employees, we deeply discourage extreme pressure as soon as the day starts.

Once the team is all warmed up, each member takes up their station and begins the day as planned. Thus, employees at Recro kick start their day with a calm mind. Once in a while, we conduct some special Yoga or fitness sessions in the morning because we care about the health of our employees. Post sessions, members are all energized and ready to change the tech game.

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As the day proceeds

More often than not each employee has a clear day plan about the commitments he/ she have to fulfil. During the course of the day, they ensure that they complete all the tasks at hand. It is not necessary that they complete all the tasks within the confines of their work station. Rather, we encourage them to take a stroll while responding to calls and keep themselves act as the day passes. Additionally, our team members have complete flexibility to work from home the days they just can’t make it to the office.

Brainstorming sessions

Team meetings are a regular part of the way we work. Workplace trends 2018 have made regular team communication an imperative to business growth. At different times during the day, our team members engage in brainstorming sessions to come up with new tech oriented solutions. We often deliberate and debate over product prototypes to ensure that the best ideas come up. Our team meetings don’t have a hierarchical order. Rather we encourage all team members to keep their views to facilitate horizontal collaboration. There is no rigid time when team meetings are held. They are generally spread out throughout the day depending on the availability and comfort of our employees.

And it’s food time

Stay fit at Recro. Recro ensures minute consideration of our employees’ food consumption. There is defined lunchtime as each team member has his/ her lunch to suit their schedule. However, typically, we break for lunch around 1:30 PM. Some members bring home cooked meals that we together relish. Others make efficient use of our wholesome cafeteria. In addition to the regular lunching menu, our team hogs on health shakes and snacks, especially the ones watching their diet.

Back to work

While laziness strikes right after lunch, our team members fight with it and get back to their tasks in hand. Back at the workstations, employees network and communicate with one another. They often continue the conversations from lunch. Well, this is the way we work. We do not set aside separate time for peer networking, but do it as we pass through the day.

Client meetings

An important part of a Recro employee’s day is the client meetings. A large portion of our team members is directly in contact with the clients they serve. We encourage our employees to take credit for the products and services they develop. We facilitate transparent communication between the client and Recro employees. Thus, client interaction is an important segment of the way we work. Again, there is no fixed time for client meetings. They can happen anytime during the day. What is certain is the fact that client meetings are integral to Recro’s functioning. Therefore, a typical workday at Recro will invariably include at least one client meeting.

Chai Time

As a part of a tech team, most of our employees spend their day in front of a computer, crunching codes, developing business models, market strategizing, etc. It is beyond obvious that tea or coffee is their ‘BAE.’  Starting from their morning cup, to refresher shots all through the day, consumption of hot and cold beverages supports the way we work. Tea and coffee are the sole reasons that our team is able to energetically engage in team and client meetings, in addition to working on their tasks. Therefore, the small chai breaks after breakfast, post lunch, at evening etc, define a typical workday at Recro.

Inside jokes

If you still haven’t fallen in love with the way we work, you will now. In addition to networking with the peers for professional reasons, a significant portion of the day of our team members goes in social bonding and personal relations building. Workplace trends 2018 suggest that a warm work culture multiplies productivity. Therefore, a typical workday at Recro looks like a day with one’s second family. Our team has inside jokes for everyone we meet including the team members. Leg pulling and teasing their peers is basic to our team members. Undoubtedly, the human touch our team provides, despite being surrounded with the most advanced forms of technology will definitely make you fall in love with the way we work in an instant.

Celebrations with the team

A final part of a day at Recro involves celebrating little joys of life with our team. Not a daily affair, but still quite regular, team celebrations are something every employee looks forward to. Be it someone’s birthday or wedding anniversary or some other festive occasion, the entire team celebrates with great enthusiasm. Cake cutting, special menus, singing and dancing, are regular affairs when it comes to celebrations at Recro.

New day new beginning

At Recro, each day is a new beginning. None of the team members is expected to repeat the exact schedule of the previous day. Rather, we encourage them to experiment and innovate with their day plan to add more learning and fun to it. We prompt our members to break the monotony of regular work and follow their passion at Recro. Therefore, a typical workday at Recro is like a roller coaster ride full of energy and action, making each employee fall in love with the way we work.

If you like the way we work, join us today and build your typical day at work the way you like.

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