Towards Excellence: Nishmitha’s Journey of Never Settling for Average 

A comfortable job is often what makes people sit back and stop breaking out of their comfort zone.  However, that was not the case when it came to NISHMITHA DEVARAJU. Bold and driven is what defines Nishmitha. The seed of creativity was sown in her at a very young age. This creative drive encouraged her to develop an interest in graphic designing. A city girl until she finished college, Nishmitha didn’t cage her vision and dreams in the boundaries of the city. Leading a technical community in her college days not only allowed her to be proficient in her technical skills but also developed her interest in management. With a clear vision to march towards, Nishmitha left no opportunity of learning slip out of her hand. With an Information technology (IT) degree in hand, Nishmitha started her professional journey.


After getting selected through campus placement, Nishmitha was designated as a manual tester. Initially, she was very comfortable with her job. However, the role hardly allowed her to perform tasks that were challenging. With encouragement from her senior, she decided to try out new things and push her limits. She was determined not to be another frog in the well. She made sincere efforts to explore and learn new skills like automation testing. This intersected with her interest in programming. And that’s how she broke out of her comfort zone to touch new heights.

Hunger for learning not only stimulated Nishmitha to look beyond her boundaries but also encouraged her not to settle for instant gratification. She started learning automation and refined her manual testing skills. Starting from the point of being an ordinary manual tester, her growing passion helped her transform into a  person who would take the project to another level. 

Nishmitha’s passion, determination, and commitment towards learning new things and the attitude of never settle for less is truly commendable. It is disheartening to see that most of us stop living our dreams when we reach the point of getting started. 

But, there was something unsatisfying that no longer allowed her to hold herself back in the same environment.


Though her skills made her stand out, she was still not satisfied with her work. Setting her bars high was what she looked for as she never believed in settling for average. That is when she came across Recro from a friend where she found opportunities aligning with her interest. Trying new things is what made her alive, and Nishmitha left no stone unturned to fastrack her growth journey.


Nishmitha’s arrival at Recro not only generated new energy in her but also exceeded her expectations of the modern corporate environment. She claims that the kind of love and warmth she received from day one continues to date and that made her realize that Recro was the best place for her to work. Nishmitha believes that treasuring the presence of the employees is what makes them develop a sense of belongingness and building family like relationships is what drives them to commit their 100%.


“The friendly environment at Recro not only stimulated me to work but it increased my love for the work. Working with Recro gives me a feeling that makes me want to work” says Nishmitha.  Nishmitha expanded her learning and upgraded her skills through the meetups organised which brought together all the employees including the ones working at the client locations. This allowed her to share her learnings and get insights  about the latest market trends.

Nishmitha believes that a leader is one whose actions should inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more. Working under the guidance of Shubham made her realize that leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and an example. 


“There is no passion  in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Starting from the point of developing my love for programming languages like java and python to being a manual tester and taking the initiative to learn automation and excelling by leaving a remark in what I do is what makes me feel that I can never limit my dreams and can never stop learning. Working here makes me feel like home where there is no fear or apprehensions. At Recro, I can see myself grow everyday.’’

Every person carries a story with them, every person carries a value with them. At Recro, we take the pride in unleashing the potential of our members by helping them navigate their professional journey. Because in the end,it’s all about the value we create in people’s lives. 



At Recro we combine Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to help you achieve market-leading  performance.

We partner with our clients with the aim to transform their business challenges into growth opportunities.