Reasons for dating a programmer.

Top 10 reasons for dating a programmer

Popular myth says that programmers and developers are not the dating kind and we often label them as boring. Well, no statement could be more untrue. Dating a programmer can be one of the most exciting adventures of your life because of the experiences they bring along. Your journey will become even more exciting if you come from a non-technical background. There are a plethora of reasons that makes dating a programmer an experience to remember. While each person out there who has dated a programmer will have their own comprehensive list of reasons, we have compiled the top 10 to give you a taste of what you might be missing out on-

As patient as one can be

Programmers and developers by their professional nature are very patient beings. Patience actually comes as a part of their job description. They often spend sleepless nights working and reworking the same code to identify a small bug or glitch. In due course of time, they grow to become patient and tolerant of whatever life throws at them. So if you are dating a programmer, their patience is guaranteed. This becomes a cherry on the cake if you are impatient yourself. Being patient also makes increases their endurance making them the perfect partner one can dream of.

Clear and concise

Again owing to their professional journey, programmers and developers believe in crisp and clear communication. As they have to write clean and concise codes for their programmes, this becomes a part of their personality. They are upfront in their communication and do not beat around the bush. You don’t have to read in between the lines to comprehend what a programmer wants to say. Thus, while dating a programmer, you don’t have to worry about communicating in long potentially misinterpreted messages. Rather, you can celebrate the fact that what they say is what they mean.

Buying gifts for them is easier than it looks

One thing that most people struggle with is figuring out what to gift to their partners. Well, dating a programmer has its benefits here too. By nature tech gadgets appeal programmers and developers. To your advantage, the market today comes up with a new gadget every day. So you are pretty much sorted when it comes to buying gifts for you programmer partner. But this advantage has a flip side to it too. If your partner is a huge tech enthusiast, they may already have that gadget even before you hear of it. Thus, keep your eyes and ears open if you want to make most out of this nature.

Empathy runs in their blood

It is a well-known fact that programmers and developers have to deal with clients as well as users. This helps them develop what we call empathy. As programmers need to understand what problems their users might be facing, they put themselves in their shoes. In the longer run, programmers become highly empathetic beings that truly understand the problems of others. So if you are dating a programmer, you can expect them to be empathetic during your bad days to help alleviate your pain.

Logical Problem Solvers

Programmers generally have a technical bent of mind and high problem-solving skills. They normally need such skills to identify and deal with everyday coding problems. But no rule says that you cannot leverage from their logical propensity and problem-solving abilities. It would be rare that while dating a programmer you would be in a problem for a long period. They will help you dissect the situation to the minute details and come up with solutions. Additionally, all their solutions will be backed by logic, so you won’t have a problem accepting them either.

Challenge Lovers

If you have ever come across any programmer, you would be well aware that they are hungry for challenges. This is what makes them great at their jobs. They see each coding glitch as a challenge and make constructive efforts to mend the bug. Similarly, on the personal front too, they embrace new challenges. Thus, if you are dating a programmer, you can be sure that they would be willing to explore new avenues with you, no matter how challenging they appear. They always take challenges with a good spirit.

Programmers are finishers

Programmers understand the importance of finishing whatever they start. If you ever ask a programmer to leave a code they are working on in between, you’ll definitely get a blank NO. According to them, leaving things in the middle is the biggest mistake anyone can make. They understand how an unfinished code can completely destroy their week’s worth of efforts. Therefore, if you date a programmer they will finish any commitment they start with you. In case they are helping you out of a situation, they will ensure that they are with you until the very end. Since they understand the impact of leaving things in the middle, they always finish what they start.

Personal Tech Support

It goes without saying that having a partner who is a programmer brings along the benefit of never reaching out to tech support again. They become your personal tech support. Whenever something malfunctions you can easily reach out to them and 9 out of 10 times, they will give you immediate solutions. You don’t panic if your computer crashes because you know that they will fix it seamlessly. They make life 100 times simpler for you by taking care of any gadget that breaks.

Exceptional IQ

Almost everyone acknowledges that coding is a skill that requires intelligence, determination and perseverance. If you date a programmer, you won’t be surprised to find out that their IQ is through the roof. Coders generally have super brain processing and can process multiple things at once. Not only are they intelligent themselves, the conversations they trigger to raise the IQ of the whole group. You can actually have intellectual conversations with them and learn a thing or two.

Enjoy your Personal Space

In addition to all the great qualities mentioned above, programmers give you your personal space and don’t meddle in everything that goes on in your life. This is majorly due to the fact that they are mostly pressed for time, but that works in your benefit. While they will pay attention to all that is worthy, they will not cross the line by imposing on every decision you take. This makes them perfect partners.

To cut a long story short, dating a programmer is definitely a good idea. Do not go by what people say out there, try it for yourself. Programmers are fun to be around because they are a complete package of emotions, brain and support to help you grow into a better human being.



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