JavaScript Influencers

Top 5 JavaScript Influencers to Follow: Check them Out!

With over two decades of existence, JavaScript stands tall as one of the most sought after programming languages. Catering to a base of 9.7M developers, this programming language comes with its own set of experts to followers. Popularly known as. ‘JavaScript Influencers”, there are some individuals who come with expert knowledge about JavaScript.

JavaScript Influencers

As we seek to take you down the lane of the top JavaScript influencers to follow, remember that these top 5 have good reasons to be a part of this list. Without further ado, we present to you the top JavaScript influencers that you must follow if you have even a remote interest in this programming language-

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Brendan Eich

Opening our list with the creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich. There are no marks for guessing why he deserves a place in this list. As the creator, there is no person better to follow if you are looking to navigate the latest trends, meaningful insights, etc. While Eich’s insights carry tremendous value for almost all developers, his expertise makes the most sense for JavaScript coders. Unlike experts from different domains, Eich, as one of the top JavaScript influencers, does not sound too preachy or down right technical. In fact, if you look at his tweets, reaching almost 125K followers, you’ll realize how entertaining, witty and practical his insights are. Looking to learn more about Eich and follow his insights, check out his twitter handle!

Addy Osmani

A Google engineer working on Google Chrome and the author of “Learning JavaScript Design Patterns” is one of the top JavaScript followers you can’t afford to miss. What sets Osmani apart from most JavaScript influencers is the nature of the content he shares. In addition to frequently tweeting about the latest trends and what to expect of JavaScript, his content has another face. A large amount of content he shares is educational in nature. As a JavaScript influencer, he believes it is his duty to pass on the learning to the budding JavaScript enthusiasts. In the same light, his content comes in different forms. Right from tweets to video content, Oswani toggles through all formats. Follow his twitter handle to stay up to date and learn a thing or two, too!

Axel Rauschmayer

A coder par excellence, and an equally popular author and writer, Dr. Axel Rauschmayer’s rich history of content on JavaScript, awards him a due in this list. Authoring books like- Exploring ES6, and Speaking JavaScript and running the 2quality blog for over a decade clearly indicate his inclination as well as rich knowledge base on JavaScript. Do we need anymore reason to have him on this top JavaScript influencers to follow? His blog delves deep into different aspects covering JavaScript. Right from minutely discussing the evolution to concentrating on the technical nuances, his blog is your go to guide for any JavaScript understanding. Time and again, he does toggle with other topics from the technical domain, but JavaScript is the hero of his act. Invariably, you should catch him in action on twitter!   

Kent C Dodds

A JavaScript engineer at Paypal and an official Google Development Engineer, Kent C Dodds is one of the top JavaScript influencers because of his sheer passion. While Dodds love experimenting with different tools, libraries and framework, his current love lies in React and Node.js. As a JavaScript expert, Dodds has shown immense versatility in his projects. The best part? All his projects have been state of the art. Heard about improving keyboard controls for website? Or features to transform powerpoint presentations to web presentations? Well, that’s all the contribution of Kent C Dodds. The technical knowledge he keeps throwing with his posts is to jump over. Why not follow him on twitter and check out for yourself? 

David Walsh

No list of JavaScript influencer is complete without mentioning this fanatic. A senior web developer at Mozilla, Walsh has become one of the biggest names in the blogging community. Are you even a JavaScript enthusiast is you don’t follow his blog? His blog caters to a wide variety of tutorials across different aspects of development. Though focusing on other languages too, to provide a holistic package, Walsh’s limelight rests on JavaScript. Therefore, follow Walsh for the latest JavaScript updates and tips and tricks to make your JavaScript journey a piece of cake. 

To conclude, while the list of top JavaScript influencers does not end with these top names, we hope we were able to give you a few names to start following. Undoubtedly, as one of the most promising languages, JavaScript is bound to turn many heads. If you want to fuel your next project with JavaScript and skyrocket your business, get in touch with us today! Armed with top notch JavaScript developers, we will transform your business for the better. 


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