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Growth Hacking for Startups: Top 5 Employee Engagement Activities

“Only 15% of employees are engaged at work.”. “A swooping 81% of employees are ready to leave their jobs today if they find the right offer”. If you are wondering “What am I supposed to do with these figures?”, consider taking a step back. For one moment, picture your employees being a part of those 85% employees who complain of disengagement and could in fact leave your startup today. Not a pretty picture, is it? More often than not, poor employee engagement activities can be the greatest source of dissatisfaction among employees.

Employee Engagement: Insights

This can invariably result in rapid attrition and instability of team. The only way out of this web of employee turnover for startups is to invest time, resources and efforts in robust employee engagement activities. Have a lot at the top 5 employee engagement activities here-

Say Something Nice, Everyday

Most startups believe that investing in employee engagement, especially at early stages, may not be the wisest use of strained resources. Well, how about doing something that doesn’t cost a dime? Being nice to your employees and passing a few words of encouragement every day, without fail can do the trick. Investing just a few seconds of your day, with guaranteed ROI in terms of greater employee engagement, is definitely worth a shot. In fact, according to a study, Organizations with engaged employees outperform those with low employee engagement by 202% “Good job on that presentation!” or “Great work closing that deal” will hardly divert any resources. However, this small recognition will make the employee realize the acknowledgment of their contribution will augment their engagement exponentially.

Personal Bonding, From Day 1

It doesn’t come as a surprise to many when we say that personal bonding is a great way to boost employee engagement. The logic is simple. If you understand your employee’s personal and professional aspirations, intimately, and just superficially, the employee is bound to feel more engaged at work. However, this bonding cannot start out of the blue on the basis of your availability. Personal bonding for employee engagement needs to begin from day 1. Try to understand where they see themselves in 5 years, professionally and personally and then navigate how the startup can facilitate their journey. The ROI here is obvious. If the employee feels that their work at the startup will accelerate their lead to the goals, their level of engagement will go up. Bond, not only in the work setting, but maybe at other social platforms, for better engagement.

Employee Engagement: Cost of Disengagement

Get Feedback, and Implement It

With startups attracting more and more millennials, the culture is taking a new turn, altogether. Vocal, opinionated and confident, the new workforce does not shy away from sharing their views, and more importantly critical feedback. Floating on the same, most startups today encourage employee feedback. They use it as a means to innovate better and augment the top line and the bottom line. However, where most startups falter is in the implementation of the feedback. While they actively collect it, they pay little heed to it. This invariably, infuriates the employee. Therefore, seeking feedback and actually implementing it (obviously the relevant ones! Not the ones that seek an indoor pool!). This not only encourages them to speak up, but also augments their sense of belongingness, fostering greater engagement. 

Team Building, Onsite or Offsite

If you are a lean team, personal bonding during normal days is an option. However, for startups with more employees, personal bonding in office, during work days, seems like a stretch. That’s why onsite and offsite team building programs exist. Within the office premises, or on the fields outside, encourage your employees to mingle with one another. Combining the potential of fun activities, team building games and munching together, your employees are bound to feel more engaged. At Recro, we frequently go out as a team, either to contribute our bit to the world, like on environment day or to facilitate engagement between the new joinees and the older pillars. The greatest ROI of these team building exercises is their potential to facilitate seamless assimilation of the new entrants to the team and simulate their engagement from the beginning. 

Performance over Tenure

Most organizations have a typical promotion/ increment criteria, based on tenure. Obviously, the longer a person stays in an organization, the greater institutional value they add. However, ignoring performance disregards engagement, whatsoever. So, startups can adopt a quirky model of performance based promotion. Invariably, this will motivate teams to perform better, if they wish to take a hefty package home. Additionally, the engagement, as a result of attention to performance, will be far more. Not only will it increase transparency, it will also encourage the employees to build trust and respect for the organization, which effectively translates to better employee engagement. 

Employee Engagement & Recro

To cut a long story short, employee engagement is no longer a feel good factor. In fact, it is a crucial business decision that all startups must consider, to onboard and retain maximum millennials. At Recro, we adopt a creative amalgamation of various employee engagement activities, to ensure an engaged workforce. If you want to be a part of a team which keeps employee experience at the apex of its functioning, join us today!


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