The Virtue of Discovery; Dinesh’s Journey of Acute Learning  

Learning is a roadway to the journey of success. With each step, we come closer to knowledge and excellence than yesterday. Dinesh Kumar D unfolded his abilities as he set out for the discovery of his passion. With regular schooling, Dinesh lived and learned every moment. Even though he was oblivious about the choice of career path, his enthusiasm for living in the present was never settled. Dinesh initiated his engineering with electronics and communication(ECE). His proficiency in learning assisted him with engagement in various projects. His work on drones, Electrical wheelchairs, and RC remote cars enabled him to unveil his creativity. Dinesh continued his masters in electronics. As he moved forward, his skills and knowledge continued to improve.  

One step further 

Dinesh continued to grab all the opportunities in the pursuit of excellence. He started to step out of his comfort zone and explore other possibilities. While he was trying to step out, his continued persistence enabled him to discover his interest in programming. With a consistent zeal, Dinesh started his professional career as a software engineer. He parallelly started working and learning to program every single day. 

Always step out of your comfort zone because that is the only way that will help you grow.

Never settle 

While Dinesh persisted with passion, his zeal continued to grow. He didn’t confine himself to one domain. Dinesh gained hands-on experience in web development, backend, and mobile development. His zest for learning and excelling always helped him to outshine in his professional career. He transitioned from learning as naive to developing end to end projects like an expert. Marching with the vision of competency, Dinesh never turned back. 

The more I explored my passion, the more I was motivated with the stimulus of learning with every step.”

Recro stage 

Recro’s purpose of providing an astounding platform to learn and explore influenced Dinesh. He claims that Recro provided him the opportunity to work with the top startups. Otherwise, With an electronic degree, it was improbable to get such exposure in the software industry. Besides the opportunities provided,  Recro leaves no chance of outshining its employers in their professional careers. 

Recro provided me with the opportunity to work with the top startup. Learning with the best in the industry made my work further impeccable.”

Final word 

My hope emerges with those ideologies where the discovery of passion drives an individual to its perfection. Learning is a vocation rooted in excellence. From an electronic background to a full-stack developer working on different integrations, never giving up attitude navigated my ship of passion to the shore of success. No matter where you are and what you do, you will ultimately reach your destination if you adhere to the courage to follow your dreams.” says Dinesh 

At Recro, we believe in assessing our employers on their skills and their ability to excel in their careers. 


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