The pursuit of excellence; Alistier’s vision of contentment  

Excellence is never an accident, it is always the result of high intentions, sincere efforts, and intelligent execution. As the extent of your impact on the work depends on the size of your devotion to excel. Alistier Noel X’ver way of pursuing excellence is by working every single day towards progress. During his school days, music was his ultimate bliss. While music kept him raptured, good performance in academics set him apart from the rest. Alistier has always been acknowledged for his skills in various fields such as photography, music, and travel. Along his journey, he explored things, learned, and executed them to their perfection.

 Different from the rest 

Alistier was exploring his abilities in photography and music, While the rest were busy with their mundane work. His skills were further motivated when the Taj hotel recognized his work and his best photographs were published in their coffee tables. This empowered him to believe that anything can be achieved with persistence, hard work, and self-belief.

“To create is to anchor in the world through the love that flows from heart, and following your heart is the best way to excel.” 

Choosing your Battle

Alistier worked on different projects in college which helped them to discover his interest in development. His work as a freelancer during his final year, consequently allowed him to establish a firm foundation for his programming skills. Alistier always considered that persistence is the key to conquer the unattainable. Development and designing instigated and urged him to reach its profoundness. No matter how many challenges he would face, Alestier never believed in giving up. He would rather work hard and challenge his limits but would never accept settling in the comfort zone.

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed impossible may turn into glorious success,” says Alistier.

The Recro Stage

Alistier never believed in settling for less. This consequently stimulated him to seek the opportunities that remolded him towards his goals. As Recro provides its employees with the freedom of working in different dimensions, Alistier’s inclination towards growth was the main reason for choosing Recro. Working with different clients of Recro not only provided him with the right exposure but, it also inspired him to push his limits to grow every single day.  

“Not settling for mediocrity always influenced me to take chances and risk, which consequently helped me to find my passion and rekindle it” 


Final Word 

Life is a journey and the best part of it is to have the power to control your destiny. Striving to be better than yesterday and heading towards eternity with excellence is exquisite. Though my journey has many twists and turns, the only thing that keeps me motivated is the idea of encountering the unknown. From learning music to programming, every phase has taught me some invaluable lessons. My instinct of never giving up has always stimulated me to pursue my dreams,” says Alistier with determination in his eyes.

At Recro we believe in supporting and encouraging our employees to fulfill their dreams by directing them towards excellence. 


At Recro we combine Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to help you achieve market-leading  performance.

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