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Technology, Talent & Transformation – Are you ready for Future of Work?

The future of work is going to be drastically different from how we have been working till now. At present, the organizational success is often based upon the financial capital a company is able to generate and sustain. Increasingly, research is showing that the future of work will not only depend upon the financial capital.  It will also depend on human capital and technological capital and their ability to lead the transformation of the business. To put it simply, the future of work will highly depend upon the talent an organization finds and nurtures. It will depend on the technological innovations it is able to spearhead or leverage from. Finally, the transformation it is able to bring about will also have an impact.

Talent + Technology + Transformation = Future of Work

We now understand that the future of work will be significantly different. The 3 Ts of talent, technology and transformation will define it. It is important to understand that talent, technology and transformation cannot exist in silos and mutually reinforce one another.


Let’s begin this discussion by understanding how talent or human capital plays an important role. It goes without saying that any organization can only function when it has the backing of an efficient workforce. Contrary to popular belief that human talent will be redundant in the face of automation, we believe that identifying the right talent is more important than ever now. This means that organizations need to engage with individuals who come with a passion for the field and fresh perspectives. Increasingly, organizations need talent that can indulge in value intensive work and generate innovative ideas. Therefore, the right talent which can contribute to value generation is the first pillar for transformation led organizational success.


Second, in line comes the need to bank upon and lead technological innovation. In a competitive market that exists today, unless your product or service provides something more than your competitors, you cannot sustain. Again contrary to popular belief, technological innovation does not necessarily mean creating a product in the form of an app, etc. It can also be an innovation of process. Thus, digital disruption based on technological innovation in the form of more efficient products or process is an important determinant for organizational success.


We understand the individual value of talent and technology. If we couple the two, we have the perfect recipe for transformation. For instance, organizations that employ the best talent who align their goals with the company vision and that invest in the best technological innovations have a competitive edge in their journey to digital transformation. Interestingly, only when organizations are able to align talent, technology and transformation will they be ready for the future of work.

The Recro Story

At Recro, we understand how aligning talent, technology, and transformation is the only way to drive an organization towards success. Therefore, we follow a holistic approach towards our operations and functioning. Our approach, which we call the 3P approach- People, Process and Projects, has been our foundation stone. It has ensured that all our clients are able to leverage from the best available talent and technologies to lead digital transformation in their organization and embark on the path of success.

  • People

Beginning with the first pillar of our approach, we take pride in the people or the talent we bring to the table. Our team comprises of mostly millennials who come with a strong passion towards technology. More often than not, their fresh perspectives and new ideas add value to the technology led work they perform. Each team member or Recro Ninja comes with relevant experience, expertise, and knowledge.

What makes people at Recro the best talent to engage with is their commitment towards helping each client initiate the technological innovation they aspire. Our team that works in close proximity with our clients is all set to spearhead the next technological revolution with their ideas on digital disruption and transformation. Thus, all developers at Recro ensure delivery of state of the art products and services. With, passion, purpose, and knowledge, our team is ready for the future of work.

  • Process

The second pillar that has been the backbone of Recro is the holistic process we offer to our clients to initiate technological and digital transformation for them. Our process starts with Idea Protection by signing an NDA to ensure the protection of our client’s idea. Next in line comes the Consultation and Concept Assessment Phase. The intent is to have a discussion around the client’s idea and share with them our process. Once both sides agree on the terms of the process, we host a Rapid Concept Workshop which is a 2- day intensive session to understand the client’s requirements, technical risks, create an MVP and get clarity.

This is followed by a Pre Dev Phase which involves designing of wireframe and designs for the product. The Pre Dev Phase in itself has multiple stages. It takes roughly about 6-8 weeks to create a design which becomes the bible for the development team. It generally involves creating a user story, budget planning, and estimation, design sprint, among others.

Next comes the development phase, which is the culmination for all the preparation so far. We follow a rapid agile development methodology.  It divides the work into sprints with daily standup interventions to discuss the work status and team retrospection to ensure that the team is on the same page. The development phase like the previous one has multiple stages. It starts with Knowledge Transfer to the team in charge of the project. This is followed by a development cycle which involves development and implementation of the project design. QA cycle comes next in line which involves testing and fixing of bugs to ensure a market-ready product.

Client Orientation

Our whole development process aligns with the future of work and has a client orientation. Demo and feedback of the client after every sprint is routine for every project. This involves bug fixes and architectural review before the product goes live. We take pride in calling ourselves end- to- end solution providers as we offer robust post development support. We try to incorporate any issues or fix any bugs that come along the way. Also, any feedback to augment the efficiency of the product is always welcome. 

  • Projects

The third pillar that we attribute our success to is the projects we undertake, specifically the technologies we use in them. While we offer technology solutions to different stakeholders, our core competency lies in creating applications. Our expertise ranges from creating Android and iOS apps to even building robust web applications. We use technologies like React Native, React Js, Node JS [ MERN Stack], Go, Java, among others to create digital disruptions for our clients.

Our robust approach to align Talent, Technology, and Transformation for organizational success and the future of work is validated by the string of happy clients we have served. We have supplied passionate team support, technological expertise, and transformative processes to many premium startups. To cut a long story short, we strongly believe that only when an organization nurtures the right talent with the right technology can it ensure success and be ready for the future of work.


At Recro we combine Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to help you achieve market-leading  performance.

We partner with our clients with the aim to transform their business challenges into growth opportunities.