Taking the First Step; Akshat’s Journey Driven by Sheer Curiosity  

Every journey starts with a first step, along with the desire to achieve something. The ignition of that desire only happens when you are driven by sheer curiosity.  Akshat Sharda’s zest for learning and adapting consistently brought him a step closer towards his dreams. Akshat’s curiosity about knowing things gave a bit of zing to his regular childhood. He claims that his father was the one who encouraged him to follow his passion and to dream big while he was settling for less. From then, Akshat realized how important it is to live in the present while working towards progress. Akshat chose computer science in his college. His fascination with technology motivated him to go beyond his limits. Akshat’s enthusiasm towards learning helped him to excel in every face he encountered.  

Towards the Change 

Akshat always believed that learning and focussing on small things are indispensable for establishing a strong foundation. The curiosity of learning he withheld always helped him to move towards the progress. Akshat’s contributions to different projects enabled him to learn and develop different skills. He always considered taking a real-time challenge and solving it by developing an application. Akshat’s idea of modernizing his father’s business by developing a website became a stepping stone to his career. 

It’s the little things you do and the day that counts. Achieving the great is only done when you do the little things right,” says Akshat. 


Driven by Enthusiasm 

Akshat never gave up irrespective of the challenges he faced. His endurance in pushing his limits consistently helped him to strengthen his skills. Akshat never compromised on the quality of work. Excellence in every task became his motto. Akshat’s inclination towards making a difference instigated him to explore different domains and work subsequently. 

“Enthusiasm is something that drives you through every obstacle and consequently adds value to your work.”


Recro stage

Akshat always wanted to work with a company having a diverse client portfolio. He says that working with such diversity helps an individual to grow his knowledge and be impeccable in his field. Akshat shares his excitement on being able to work with the clients that are leading startups of the country. Every opportunity that drops by, Akshat ensures making the most use out of it. 

Being with a company that not only gives you a great workplace but also provides you with a platform that helps you to ascend in your career is a dream.”


Final word 

It’s always said that burning desire is the greatest motivator for every action. It is the only thing that ignites your passion and motivates you to achieve your dreams. My journey has taught me many invaluable lessons, but one thing that influenced me is the acknowledgment of the fact that great things are not impulsed reactions, but a series of small things brought together,” says Akshat. 


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