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Skills required to become a 10X Developer

 While the idea of a 10X developer has been around for some time, the hype to become or hire one is quite recent. It is important to identify the skills required to become a 10X software developer. But it is also important to understand what exactly a 10X developer is. Also, it is equally important to understand how a 10X developer differs from an average developer. To begin with, a 10X developer is someone whose performance is exceptionally advanced. The term 10X refers to the calibre of the person to produce the output equivalent to 10 developers. The quality of a 10X developer that differentiates him/ her is their productivity. Generally, a 10X developer’s productivity is exponentially higher than an average one. Thus, a 10X developer is someone whose performance is par excellence.

What is the difference between a 10X and an average developer?

Becoming a 10X developer is an interesting interplay of nature and nurture. It is true that some 10X developers carry an extraordinary gene in their DNA making them super geniuses. Owing to the natural supremacy of their technical bent of mind, such people naturally come out as 10X developers without having to put in a lot of effort. We often refer to such individuals as prodigy developers, born with exceptional skills for software developers.

It is obvious that you cannot learn or nurture a genetic predisposition for software development. Fortunately, a variety of components exist which can be grasped during one’s learning. These components include the environment, characteristics, traits and the entire ecosystem. They can actually advance or constrain one’s potential to become a 10X developer. What differentiates a 10X developer from an average one is this interplay. An average developer can smoothly transition to a 10X developer by working on factors affecting their productivity.

Skills for a 10X Software developer

By now we are well aware of what a 10X developer is. Also, we understand how he/she is different from an average one. The time has come to identify some skills, traits and habits. These can actually help a developer take the leap and transition from an average to a 10X software developer.

Move beyond an average circle

What determines your productivity is to a large extent the circle you interact and work with. If you work with a bunch of individuals who are satisfied with average productivity, your zeal to become a 10X developer will invariably take a back seat. This simply means that the first skill for a software developer is to surround themselves with people who inspire them. Unless you grow in the company of high powered and aspiring individuals, your road to a 10X developer journey will take a back seat. A circle with the average IQ, aspirations, etc above yours will constantly motivate you to reach their level and in the long run become what you desire. Thus, a 10X developer is always surrounded by individuals who can inspire him/her to achieve greater productivity every day.

Focus, Concentration and Minimal Distraction

One quality you need to have to become a 10X developer is the ability to focus and concentrate on your goal without succumbing to distraction. Most developers are aware that crunching codes that are exceptionally successful require high levels of focus and concentration. If you actually want to deliver the productivity equivalent to 10 developers, you need to aggregate the focus of 10 individuals. This simply means that you cannot afford to get distracted at any point. Skills for software developers accentuate with concentration. It is very easy for developers to get distracted when a particular code doesn’t work and be patient. Distraction invariably leads to below average performance. Therefore, if you aim to accentuate your productivity you need to begin by minimizing the distractions around you and put all your concentration in.

Upgrade your technical skills

While concentration and surrounding yourself with people who motivate and inspire you is important, technical skills are of high importance for a 10X developer. Upgrading your technical skills is a multiple step process. You may start by learning new skills and core competencies and broadening your pool of talent. Again if you want to deliver the productivity of 10 developers, you need to come with multiple core competencies. In addition to multiple skills, you need to keep upgrading your existing skill set as well.

Technology is a dynamic field to work in. every day a new technology comes into the market and one loses its relevance and each technology keeps advancing with new versions. If you want to be a 10X developers, you need to keep evolving with technology. To keep up with the technological advances, you need to shed any hesitation to learn technical skills for software developers from younger colleagues. Therefore, to increase productivity as a programmer, you need to be open to learning, upgrading and growing with technology.

Don’t shy away from sharing your knowledge

A 10X developer’s productivity is not only measured in terms of the output they deliver. The productivity the advance within their firm also matters. This primarily means that to become a 10X developer you need to move beyond just getting the knowledge to sharing it as well. It is true that you increase your knowledge when you share it. This is true for skills for software developers as well.

Developers who engage in sharing their tech knowledge with their peers and other members of the technology ecosystem are more likely to grow to a 10X developer than those who don’t. Sharing of knowledge or becoming a teacher to your professional and social circles will give you greater clarity of the domain. As you go through your knowledge of programming over and over again when you share, you will definitely grow and reach your goals. Therefore, if you seek to become a 10X developer, start by sharing your knowledge and paying it forward.

Take responsibility and ownership

A major difference between an average software developer and a 10X developer is taking ownership of the project and delivering the output responsibly. Once you begin the practice of taking the onus of creating a particular code, you become accountable to the entire team. Thus, you automatically become more productive. Taking ownership of a single project will multiply your productivity up to a certain limit. Invariably, taking the onus of multiple projects will augment your productivity exponentially. This simply means that 10X project ownership will directly translate to 10X developer. What makes taking ownership important skills for software developers is that when you take onus you tend to stretch out of your comfort zone and increase your productivity. Increasingly, you will realize that you actually undermined your potential and you can actually become a 10X developer.

The skills mentioned above will definitely carve a way for you to become a 10X developer. However, the organizational support and ecosystem will also play an important role. Your work environment will either constrain or advance your journey towards 10X developers. Your immediate seniors, colleagues and juniors will have a great impact. At Recro, we encourage our developers to reach the pinnacle and become a 10X developer. If you consider yourself as a 10X developer or wish to become one, join us today.

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