"Shine like never before": 12 reasons to join Recro

“ Shine like never before”: 12 Reasons to join Recro!

Are you tired of your conventional job with strict compartmentalization of roles and positions? Do you seek greater work flexibility and meaningful interaction with the entire team? Come on board with the  Recro Journey, where we consider each member an integral part of our work ecosystem and encourage them to spread their wings and strive for excellence. If you’re still not convinced, read on to find out why Recro is the best place to work.

12 Reasons to join Recro

12 reasons to join Recro

  1. Professional growth:

Do you ever dream of fast-tracking your career speed and advancing your skill set, while on the job? Join Recro, and see your dream turn into reality. Work with the finest tech teams with state of the art technological expertise and grow professionally every day. Learn a new aspect of career progression every day, get recognized in relevant circles and grow professionally by the minute.

  1. Bye-bye dull and boring routine:

Tired of the monotonous 9-5 job and looking for some adventure at work? Recro is your dream workstation. With new and exciting projects coming our way each day, dullness and monotony of work is something we aren’t acquainted with. You do not have to follow a strict working routine that is same every day. Design and set your own work schedule and keep it as stimulating and thrilling as you want.

  1. A chance to wear many hats in one go.

The days of having one area of expertise are long gone. Today, you will only reach the top if you harness a diverse skill set. At Recro, we give you the opportunity to don many hats in one profile. You be a developer with a flair of writing. Why not creatively collaborate the two to make a new profile for yourself. We encourage our team members to diversify their areas of operation and learn from one another to grow personally and professionally.

  1. It’s time to give wings to your passion.

If you seek job satisfaction, explore your passion. It is our guiding philosophy to persuade our team of developers to follow their passion while working towards product development. We encourage them to couple their passions and attain job satisfaction. Only when you love the work you do, will you be truly satisfied. At Recro, explore, rejoice, kindle and realize your passion for technology.

  1. Find a family outside your real home.

The major missing ingredient from a conventional corporate life is to find colleagues like family. Work life at Recro is different. Our team is like a close-knit family that supports each other through ups and downs. We do not believe in a strict command operating code but encourage warm communication between our team members. If you seek a workplace that is home away from home, Recro is your place to be.

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  1. Dress with less and create a life that matters most to you.

How many times a week do you feel that dressing up formally for office is a pain? At Recro, that is no longer the case. Come to your workstation in the most comfortable clothes you have. As it is, you can only make a finite amount of decisions in a day. Why waste them in deciding what to wear? We encourage our teams to reserve their decisions for more important matters, dressed up in what they feel best about. The clothes you wear have a direct impact on your comfort of work and our team is most comfortable when at work. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

  1. Learn by having close contact with the founder.

Holistic growth happens when the team has proximal contact with the core management and founders. The close-knit working at Recro will allow you to work directly under the founder and get mentored in the process. You will receive streamlined guidance from all senior members of the team. You will not be required to direct all your communication to one point of contact but will be given the freedom to interact with all stakeholders within the organization from the canteen staff to the founder and CEO.

  1. Flexible work schedules/WFH.

Ever thought that the regular, in office working hours undermine your productivity? If yes, then we have a telepathic connection. We believe that fixed working hours prevent people from discovering their creative potential by forcing them to unravel new ideas within a pre-decided format. On the contrary, we encourage a flexible working environment. You are free to choose your place of work and the time too. You can work from home or sit in the office. Work during the day or stretch late nights; it’s all your choice. All we expect is productivity, the conditions are your choice.

  1. No hierarchy means more of a chance for opinions to matter.

We do not believe in a top-down approach. Actually, we criticize it. In this era of collaboration, we have adopted an approach of horizontal coordination over hierarchy. If you believe that you have a bundle of ideas to augment growth and productivity, and need an ear to hear them out, come and join us. All our projects have inputs from all team members because we believe that greater the brains, greater the ideas, and greater the success. At Recro, your opinion matters and your ideas will make a difference.

  1. Expand network, get access to professional meet-ups, events and build professional contact with like-minded people.

Networking is the key to grow professionally, by expanding your professional network. At Recro, we encourage and give opportunities to all members of our team to engage with like-minded professionals. Networking sessions and meetups will help you enlarge your circle of influence. Exclusive access to professional events for our team members will help you gain contact with cross-industry professionals to augment your holistic growth.

  1. Be a part of fun team events and grab free drinks and dinners – “HAPPY  HOURS”.

What could be more appealing than exciting team events and socializing gigs, with a sprinkle of free drinks and food? Nothing. Be a part of our team and enjoy with your family like colleagues in fun events. We encourage social bonding among team members through not only moderated professional events but also through entertaining meetups like team picnics, dinners, outings and trips.

  1. Help build something from the scratch.

Have you ever wanted to see something growing from its inception? We will give you this opportunity. Each product we deliver is a baby for our team members that they see developing and becoming the real thing. Raising their tech baby, our developers understand the products inside out and are its true builders. Join Recro, and experience the joy of developing something that begins with your simple idea and transforms into a product of utility.

In a nutshell, work life at Recro is a roller coaster ride filled with excitement, learning, recognition, social binding and above all professional and personal growth.

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