Shape of You Matters to Us

“Shape of You Matters to Us”: Stay fit at work with Recro

If you have been a developer for over 6 months, you would agree that it requires hours of sitting in one place while exercising just your brain muscles. Often such mental taxation can have an adverse impact on your health. Thus, a healthy working environment which is equipped to keep developers in perfect mental and physical health is a prerequisite for a happy workplace. At Recro, we understand that crunching codes to develop a product can be mentally exhaustive. Therefore, we take the health of our team members very seriously and have designed our office in a way to stimulate positive health and energy and stay fit at work.

Stay fit at work with Recro

  • Bye- Bye Closed Cubicles

    Have you ever felt suffocated sitting and working in a small cubicle and wanted to roam all over the place while on the job? Recro has made it possible. We do not support closed cubicles and complete compartmentalization of roles and duties. At Recro, we believe that our team is responsible enough to act according to the unwritten norms and does not require a rigid cubicle to perform well. We encourage our teams to socialize during coffee breaks. We even push them to take walks during calls to foster bonding among colleagues and circulation of blood. Closed cubicles restrict your flow of ideas to a small cube, while open working spaces encourage new ideas through constructive dialogues.

    Stay Fit at work

  • Work in Comfort

    One of the biggest pain points for a developer is the uncomfortable chairs that lead to acute back and neck pains. Investing in the health of our team, we have equipped our office with comfortable furniture. We have replaced regular office chairs with bean bags and other super comfortable and fancy sitting and working furnishings that actually make our team come back to work every day with a smile. The colourful and super comfy furniture makes our office vibrant and energizing.

  • Play out your stress-

    All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy- is the philosophy we ideally standby. We understand that crunching codes for your entire work duration is an impossible task. Perhaps, it can be detrimental to one’s physical as well as mental health. We help our developers take a break from their routine tasks and burn out everyday stress. Our office premises are equipped with several recreational activities. From table tennis and pool to carom, our office has a game for every player on the team. Thus, we believe that once our team is motivated and energized enough, absolute productivity is the natural outcome.

  • Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy-

    While our office is all stocked up with caffeine to boost up our members on a lazy Monday morning or during the day, we also have the best drinks for the health conscious. The Recro pantry offers unlimited herbal drinks to help the team opt for a healthy way of life. Our developers often start their day with a herbal drink that helps them remain physically healthy. It also calms down the mental stress and tension, contributing to their overall well-being.

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  • Climb in a Recro way-

    As a developer, you may not be able to invest time in rigorous exercising. For the same, we have curated certain solutions for our team members to help them exercise at least a little. One of the healthiest solutions we advance for our team members is to encourage them to take stair over escalators or elevators. Climbing a fleet of stairs in the morning is bound to add energy to your schedule and also help you stay healthy. Losing a few pounds in the process is a cherry on the cake.

  • Feed yourself with healthy/wholesome meals-

    Herbal drinks are not the only health solution we offer to our developers. Our cafeteria serves delicious wholesome foods that are a treat for your taste buds.  Undoubtedly, we do hog on junk food every once in a while, especially on team birthdays. Mostly, we try to keep our routine diet healthy. A regular meal in the Recro cafeteria has ample nutrients; it is truly a balanced diet.

  • Trek up with Recro-

    We do not believe that going to the gym and exercising with machines or equipment is the healthiest way to keep you fit. On the contrary, we believe that experimenting with new adventure sports is the new way to stay in shape. Recro outings often call out for a day at trek or other adventure activities that unleash an adrenaline rush. Staying healthy at Recro is not rigorous, but a fun-filled and enthralling journey.

Recro’s proof of believing in a healthy way of life is its active engagement in the development of the famous Cult fitness. It is a Bengaluru based application, focusing on training programs that use no machine or equipment. Cult strives for fitness by advancing a mix of martial arts, yoga and outdoor activities that have fitness in their core.

A healthy body harbours a healthy mind is the Recro mantra of work. We believe that our team performs best when physically fit and mentally active. Therefore, we give them the freedom to choose their mode of work. Design their schedule. Decide their furniture to best suit their health goals.

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