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Seed to Unicorn Startups: Work with them All

If you are a developer and have an inclination of working with startups, you would have definitely come across this thought, “Should I go for a startup that is just starting up or should I choose one which already comes with significant funding”? Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to this. Both, seed as well as unicorn startups, and everything between them will give you a different experience. Working with seed startups will give you an opportunity to learn the work from ground up and see how growth hacking taking place. Unicorn startups will give you a big brand name to add to your portfolio and a more structured work environment. Wouldn’t it be great to work your way through seed to unicorn startups? With numerous staffing solutions today, both seed as well as unicorn startups are engaging with high velocity teams, sourced externally. 

Seed to Unicorn Startups: The Route

Under usual circumstances, when a developer decided to take on a full time role, he or she has to join one company. It could be a seed startup, a unicorn startup or a corporate. Fortunately, with third party staffing solutions, developers no longer have to make this tough choice. Instead, they can dabble between seed to unicorn startups and add diverse experiences and competencies to the basket. Invariably, most developers are thus, attaching themselves to such solution providers to fast track their learning curve. Well, now that we know developers have the option to juggling between seed to unicorn startups, let’s have a look at why embracing such diverse experiences make a difference to any developer’s profile!

seed to unicorn startups

Master Different Sets of Technical Skills

If you position yourself with one startup/ organization, you work on only particular technical skills for at least sometime. Unless a new project comes your way, you will be unable to switch the technologies you are working on. Invariably, you will keep repeating and mastering the technical skills you already have. Now imagine that with every project you take, you get the opportunity of learning a new set of technical skills. You remain relevant throughout and you don’t have the fear of missing out on anything. That’s what you get when you traverse from seed to unicorn startups with any new project. A new project at a new place of work with a new set of technical skills is a developer’s paradise, isn’t it?

Get Cross Domain Expertise

It is natural that if you join any company as a full time developer, you excel in that domain only. For instance, if you have worked in edtech for a few years, switching to health tech can be a challenge. Either you may not get the role you are looking for, or the offering is lower than your expectations. While sticking to one domain may be your choice in later years of your career, early years call for exploring and getting cross domain expertise. Attaching yourself with solution providers that collaborate with seed to unicorn startups gives you this benefit. 

When you work across a range of startups, you also jump domains. In fact, you may even find you calling. Working in a particular domain might excite you, but the next one might feel like your passion. Invariably, in the early years of your career you dabble across domains, you benefit a lot. Firstly, you get to be a part of every domain under the sun, to determine what is it that actually fulfills your purpose as a developer. Secondly, it prevents you from ever losing relevance. Even if one sector is going through a recession, with cross domain expertise, you could quickly jump onto another one.  

Growth to Scale Experience

It is true that all startups go through a growth to scale phase. However, you can’t decide what stage a startup should be at when you join it. Invariably, getting an experience of working with a startup that traverse the growth phase to reach a position of scale, while you are working there is a long shot. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t work with both growth and scale startups. In fact, working with both brings very diverse experiences and competencies your way.

Growth startups at their seed stage have humble beginnings. They can equip you well to work with close knit teams and limited resources. On the other hand, unicorn startups can give you an experience of working at scale. With rich funding in place, scaled startups can offer great compensation and even equity options. Invariably, having both these experiences can add value to your professional growth. And what better way than working at both growth and scale phase than hopping from one workplace to another?

Work with Different Organizational Cultures

While it is true that seed to unicorn startups differ in terms of roles, responsibilities and benefits, in addition, they organizational and work cultures also differ greatly. Mostly, seed startups are like a close knit family. At seed stage, startups can teach you how to deal with overlapping roles. They equip you well to take ownership of several projects simultaneously and how to have a never give up attitude. On the other hand, unicorn startups have a more structured approach to work. With defined roles at hand, they give you the opportunity to polish your skills in a particular avatar. Invariably, both these experiences are very important. 

While you may be unable to learn the importance of humility and ownership in a unicorn startup, you may be all over the place in a seed one. Therefore, to get the best of both worlds, you need to have a robust experience in working with different organizational cultures, and short stints at all types is the best option today!

Add Different Flavours to your Work

Do you know the biggest benefit of working with seed to unicorn startups is how great the experience looks on your portfolio! Well, working with different startups on different projects gives you a rich profile that is bound to impress any employer. Contemporary times call for a diverse experience and working with different startups all across the course will help you achieve exactly that. Such a journey will give you the opportunity to add value to your portfolio both in length and breadth. Working with unicorn startups will give you big names to flaunt and seed startups will reflect the depth of your work and commitment and passion.

How to go from Seed to Unicorn Startups

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