Ray of Hope; Ashish’s Courage to Continue Despite Challenges

We will inevitably experience failure in the pursuit of success. The best way to move forward is to embrace the failures, where each mistake teaches us new lessons. Ashish Kushwaha’s persistence of never giving up embraced him with the courage to continue despite failure. Ashish believes that his nature of living the present always helped him to enjoy every moment. His interest in painting and sports set him apart. Ashish did his engineering in electronics and communication. Having his college completed, Ashish was sure to know that there was something more he needed to explore and learn. 

The Inception 

After graduation, Ashish came to Bangalore to pursue his skills in programming. Though it was difficult for him at the start, his zest for learning never allowed him to give up. Ashish started his career as a software engineer. Despite being placed in a different domain, his ability to learn enabled him to excel. Ashish always looked forward to the learning and never let the opportunity slip out of his hand. His continuous zeal towards progress navigated him to excellence. 

When you regularly take continuous action towards the most important goal, it helps you to journey to en route towards progress.”

Working with Diligence 

Ashish’s diligence towards work remolded him to be the best in his domain. His adherence to add a little more effort helped him to outperform his work. Ashish’s determination to push himself irrespective of the difficulty of the work assigned enabled him to grow his skills. 

Passion, vision, and diligence are the important factors that help to excel in the journey towards growth.”

Recro stage 

According to Ashish, his relation with Recro is not less than a family. He claims that Recro has provided him the platform to embark on his dreams. With a vision to excel and constant support of Recro, Ashish started his march towards his dreams. With Diverse clients and exposure to the latest trends, Ashish learned and brushed his skills every day. 

Working with an employee-centric company was a great experience, the kind of support and learning that I got form Recro is something I would be grateful for.

Final Word

“Never stop believing in yourself. what if you are weak today, what if you didn’t get a chance, that doesn’t mark anyone as a failure. The graph of my journey had been fluctuating to its extremes, but my ability to work hard always gave me a ray of hope despite the consequences I have faced. When you start believing in your dreams and work hard to pursue it, you will be granted the inevitable success along the way.” says Ashish. 

At Recro, we acknowledge the importance of encouragement. As it not only helps in building a strong relationship with employers but also helps them to excel in their career.

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