Pros and Cons of JavaScript

Pros and Cons of JavaScript: Choose Wisely

According to Stack Overflow Survey 2019, 67.8% developers consider JavaScript to be the most popular programming language. Well, that explains its expansive use by developers from different product domains. While it is no secret that JavaScript is a personal favorite for most developers, there are some pros and cons of JavaScript. These advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript are crucial when it comes to making a choice whether or not to go with JavaScript. Without negating the importance and utility of JavaScript, it is important to understand that there might be certain situations when choosing an alternative might be a good option. However, all that said, JavaScript still comes in as ‘that reliable friend’ you can count on to bail you out if you are in a fix. 

Pros and Cons of JavaScript

A comparative analysis of the pros and cons of JavaScript is definitely the best way to understand if this is the right programming language for your next project. Let’s come straight to the point-

Pros of JavaScript

Let us begin this conversation on the pros and cons of JavaScript by listing the advantages of JavaScript and what makes it a near and dear one to most developers-


With popularity of 67.8%, JavaScript is used by almost all major and smaller organizations out there. You name any company and we bet that it is using or has been a user of JavaScript in some form or the other. In fact, the enormous popularity of the language is unveiling numerous resources to facilitate its learning as well. This is further adding to its popularity. 


A client- side script, JavaScript runs faster than the speed of light. The execution of the program is almost immediate, as it eliminates the need to contact the server side for execution. Additionally, JavaScript comes with the benefit of being unhindered by network calls to back end servers. This is a big pro in the pros and cons of JavaScript.

Ease of Learning

What makes a programming language popular is if it is easy to learn. JavaScript completely fits this description. As a programming language, JavaScript is easy to learn as well as use. It is also feasible to implement, not requiring any dynamic or complex web content. Anyone with basic programming skills of HTML can easily learn to use JavaScript. 

Talking about the advantages of JavaScript in this discussion about the pros and cons of JavaScript, it is obvious that the popularity of JavaScript is omnipresent. Well, its rapid implementation by industry giants, the ease of learning and the speed of execution, definitely make it a developer’s best friend. Additionally, its interoperability or ability to work with other programming languages alongside versatility adds to its bouquet of assets. 

Cons of JavaScript

While the above discusses the advantages of JavaScript, it is now time to look at the downside. With a few limitations to account for, let us delve deeper into the pros and cons of JavaScript discussion-

Code Visibility & Security

While being a client- side script boosts the speed of JavaScript, it makes the code viewable to the user. This creates a threat of misuse for malicious practices. This can lead to dual consequences. Firstly, it leaves the code vulnerable for reuse and replication without proper authentication. Secondly, there is also a possibility for hackers to add some external code to the website, compromising the security and data of the same. This is one of the disadvantages making individuals disable JavaScript.

Browser Support

Each browser interprets JavaScript differently. What this translates to, is a need to run the code on different platforms before publishing. Invariably, the output will be consistent across server side script, the output on the client side script might be unpredictable. However, this is not a very big limitation when it comes to the applicability of JavaScript. So long as you test your script across the major browsers, you don’t need to break a sweat. 

Stop Render

Finally, one limitation of JavaScript that makes it a little less attractive is stop render. The fact is that one error code has the potential to put a stop to the rendering of entire JavaScript. What this effectively comes out to the user is that, JavaScript doesn’t exist altogether. 

What is the Right Choice?

To summarize the above discussion on the pros and cons of JavaScript, it is safe to say that despite a few limitations, there are significant reasons to go in for JavaScript. If you seek to fuel your next project with JavaScript and are actively looking for a technology partner, look no further. At Recro, we take pride in our in house capabilities for JavaScript development. Get in touch with us today and leverage our top developers.


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