Outperforming the Way; Sanjana’s Ascent on the Ladder of Excellence

Success will not be achieved overnight. You have to use each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little bit closer to your goals. Sanjana S’s desire to achieve the unattainable always kept her on the verge of competition. From a very young age, Sanjana was keen on outshining in everything she did. Her determination to surpass her self always motivated her to reach out for more. Be it academics or a debate competition, Sanjana left her mark in everything she stepped in. With an impeccable performance in academics, she continued to grow. Though Sanjana was from a small town, she never constrained herself within limits. She would instead prefer failing over the regret of not giving her best. 

Driven with Diligence

Sanjana did her engineering from NIT in Information Technology (IT). As she always sought for terminal knowledge, her zest enabled her to grab every opportunity that came along. The internship and the projects she executed helped her to establish a strong foundation. Along with academics, her inclination to gain practical knowledge enabled her to stand out. Sanjana kept progressing, which assisted her in becoming a competent professional. 

Dedication is belief transitioned into actions that further transforms into change.

Unfolding stage 

Sanjana’s achievements in various projects helped her to start her vocation at a higher pace. She started her career as a front end developer. Sanjana’s zest to achieve progress at the expense of hard work was irreplaceable. Her deliberate efforts towards enhancing her work molded her as competent in her field. With persistence and agility, She mastered React in a short period. Having to learn every day, Sanjana got hands-on experience in multiple front end frameworks. 

Never settling for instant gratification always motivated me to exceed my limits.”

Recro Stage 

Sanjana’s agility conceded her to take the projects on a higher level. Her impeccable performance helped her to direct her efforts towards the growth of the company. She says that Recro provided her with the community that not only encourages her to grow but motivates her to push limits when she fails to. 

Recro impressions your life as more than just a company. It creates a community that encompasses a pool of knowledge, therefore gathering the best talent of the industry.

Final words 

Every journey has its grace. And my journey taught me invaluable lessons in the form of opportunities and threats. But my propensity of learning every day was the indispensable reason for continued progress. I have never blindsided the chance of learning by sitting back. Instead, I would keep more than the efforts required to account for the opportunity. I have had many challenges along the way. Nevertheless, the only thing that motivates me to dare them is the idea of reaching the ascent.” says Sanjana with confidence in her eyes and determination to head towards her vision. 

 At Recro, providing our employees with the opportunity that helps to outshine careers is our definition of success. 



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