on Demand mobile app Transforming Logistics Industry

How On Demand Mobile Apps are Changing Logistics Industry

Earlier Logistics Industry

A decade ago things were quite different in the logistics industry, you had to constantly wait under the scorching sun, stare at your watch, and call the driver who says he’s just about to reach from the past 15 minutes. You’d feel you have been cheated and all you want to do is cry in frustration. But thank goodness, things have changed for the better. Thanks to the advancement in the information technology sector, now instead of waiting for hours together to locate our transport we can accurately locate them using on demand mobile apps. Not only this, it is quite simpler for the logistics/transportation driver to reach his/her destination right on time.

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On Demand Mobile Apps – Transforming Logistics Industry

The uberization of the logistics industry was mainly driven by the success of Uber. Every business owner in the logistics domain wants to replicate this solution and reinvent the logistics solution by eliminating the broker or the middleman. Introduction of a mobile app for the same will definitely lead to an increase in the overall sales and boost the profit of the logistics company. Subsequently, not only this it can also eliminate the need of a middleman broker who would be charging up to 30% commission for his services. So how are these on demand mobile apps transforming the logistics industry?

It optimizes the cost and the time associated to receive and deliver packages. Furthermore, it simply establishes a direct link between truckers and those in need of the services. This basically means the business model becomes more efficient compared to traditional models.

Mobile devices like smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. Thanks to the advancement in technology more and more people have shifted from traditional methods of ordering services to the smart way of obtaining a service with a touch on a mobile app. This is where on Demand mobile Apps come into the picture, On Demand apps helps startups kick start on demand services in the sharing economy – cab booking, home services, food delivery and so on. Not only this, these apps also help consumers receive the service they are looking for whenever they need it. Consequently, on demand mobile apps are developing rapidly in Startups like Uber, Urban Clap, and Ola.

Here’s why you should consider on Demand App development for your business.

  • Cost Effective and easy to customize.
  • User-Friendly and better scalability.
  • More satisfaction from consumers
  • More Secure.
  • Easy to upgrade.
  • Better Services.

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Uber for X App

Enterprises that deal with on Demand Apps and provide on demand services are referred as Uber for X. Such companies are growing steadily and are providing services across the globe with the help of mobile technology. Here’s how on demand apps are transforming the logistics industry and why you must consider on demand mobile app/ on demand delivery app for logistics business,

1) Easy management of warehouse

It becomes easier to scan products and goods that arrive and go out of the warehouse. This also avoids human errors and helps sync the warehouse data into the database.

2) More flexibility to optimize routes and delivery schedules

With a mobile app for logistics companies, it is easier to get insights on transportation routes and thereby find the most optimized delivery route. This ensures business efficiency and customer loyalty since it creates new opportunities and improves the relationship between the logistics company and a customer.

3) Location Tracking App/Vehicle tracking app

With the available advanced GPS techniques, we can track vehicles and fleet in real time. A logistics company that has to track down many vehicles on diverse routes can simply make use of mobile apps and understand the whereabouts of their cargo and vehicle in real time.

4) Vehicle and fleet management

Assessing factors like the amount of mileage and fuel that can be saved on a particular route helps the logistic owner to maintain efficiency. With a mobile app for logistics companies apps, you can not only check the amount of fuel that can be saved but can also have other features like battery check, engine health and be proactive about the vehicle’s health based on the collected data.

5) Process Efficiency

With a transport and logistics app solution, all traditional paperwork can be easily converted into a paperless solution thereby enabling quick, secure data retrieval and better management of solution compared to the traditional paperwork based.

6) Better inventory management

With the right transport and logistics app solution it is very easy to manage stocks and inventory in real time. This helps the logistics owner to prioritize goods dispatches based on the customer requirements.

7) Driver dispatcher efficiency

Drivers can make use of mobile apps and dispatch the shipments easily, this is possible because the mobile app keeps the driver updated with the optimized route information. Also, the driver also can access information such as distance travelled, delivery schedules and other minute details to help in decision making.

8) Enhanced user experience

Mobile apps can be used by both customers and the shippers, customers can easily place a request of what they need from gifts to relatives to food delivery with a click of a button.  And the shipper can make use of the app to deliver the goods. This entire process of ordering goods and delivering them has become simpler compared to the earlier experience of wherein a customer had to walk up to a courier provider in order to ship a product. The current solution saves time and has enhanced user experience thanks to the doorstep pickup, real-time tracking, online payments and delivery.

Features of on-demand Transport and Logistics app

1) Dispatcher interface

This interface is used for task automation, the dispatcher can allocate a particular cargo to a vehicle based on parameters such as the direction of the journey, load capacity and so on.

2) Feedback mechanism

A feedback mechanism is needed to ensure that customers can raise their voice about the shipment. A good feedback mechanism must let both the dispatcher and the customer provide feedback about each other.

3) Up-to-date job tracking

With the GPS mechanism, you get real-time driver information and also ensure that the pickup times are reduced thereby boosting the efficiency.

4) Route optimization

With the help of smart routing features in the on demand mobile apps, you can save both fuel and time by deciding the best-optimized route for the delivery of the shipment.

5) Driver logs

Monitoring the performance of the driver based on his/her daily activities is now easy with the help of an on demand mobile apps for transport and logistics. With this supervisors can advise, assess drivers and strengthen their company-driver relationship.

Top Logistic problem Uber Trucking apps can solve

1) Automation

It is quite hard to find an efficient labourer who will satisfy your requirements in the logistics industry, automation will eliminate the need for such labours and solve many issues and leverage better outputs with fewer labourers. Few benefits are

  • It can reduce human errors that can occur while entering some valuable data and in other situations.
  • It can reduce transportation costs by making smart decisions based on cost, transit time and other factors.
  • Increased  customer services by providing auto pick up, customized accounting, real-time tracking and so on.
  • It boosts scalability and speed by facilitating management of logistics and transportation departments under one roof.

2) Improved revenues

E-commerce is expected to control around 20% of the retail market in the coming years. With options like one-day delivery, same day delivery E-commerce definitely requires quicker and faster-tailored supply chain to fulfil their deliveries. This only means that the trucking industry will be creating more business. Therefore, few benefits are

  • You can skip manual data entry because of enhanced warehouse management via apps.
  • With uber trucking apps, you can find the nearest delivery stops, shortest route and get information of the weather ahead of time and plan the journey accordingly.
  • Provide real-time information about the goods to the customer and thereby increase customer loyalty.

3) Manage population shift

With the growing population, it is important that business owners manage both consumers and business demands. Supply chain must adapt as quickly as possible, this is where uber trucking apps can be helpful. With the automated uber solution, it is possible to find optimal locations for the distribution centres, flexible manufacturing centres based on the population shifts and meet the increased demands easily. Logistics companies can migrate into on-demand mobile apps that will help them to collaborate internally as well as allocate assets to match the population trends.

4) Manage Peak urbanization

The demand for youngsters to work and live and play in a well-developed trendy neighbourhood is increasing every single day. As single couples step into becoming parents they are more likely to shift into a suburban area. This in turn puts pressure on the suburban infrastructure. Invariably, as the population reduces, the last mile delivery becomes more difficult because of more traffic congestions and other issues. With uber trucking on demand mobile apps equipped with GPS features, it is very easy to make the last mile delivery and cope up with the timings and other challenges as well.


On demand mobile apps development is definitely the need of the hour. This is because it is guaranteed to bring massive returns. If you’re a business owner then you need to consider thinking who your audience is and how you’d make lives simpler for them. We at Recro, help your business identify complexities and other requirements in order to ensure the transition to a mobile app for logistics companies is smooth and successful. Recro comes with a team of highly skilled developers in the mobility domain. Thus, we can create custom apps with on demand features based on client requirements. Do get in touch with us if you have any queries.

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