Networking at Mobile World Congress 2017

Over the years, Mobile World Congress has become a pioneer platform for networking and creating dialogues among the several attendees. It offers a plethora of opportunities for face to face as well as social networking to help attendees connect before, during and after the event. The 4-day event is all set to conduct a variety of events to maximize the gains of their attendees in terms of contact building. For instance, this year AMD Telecom will be carrying out a networking session to highlight the importance of text and voice messaging to help the clients reach their true potential. The Connected Women and Mobile Money teams will be hosting a networking event to create contact among the attendees who are working towards building a gender-neutral mobile industry.

Mobile World Congress

In addition to various events that will be formally conducted at MWC, there are also provisions for individual networking for entrepreneurs in the Networking Gardens. A total of 11 such gardens to facilitate communication, these arenas are tailor made for conducting impromptu meetings with sufficient seating, food and drink outlets and free WiFi.

Finally, MWC has also made arrangements to customize networking for the attendees. By enlisting business objectives and requirements, a custom experience will be created for the attendees to increase the output they gain. MWC presents a Corporate experience to suit the executives which include a tailor-made program by facilitating meetings with relevant exhibitors, introducing the product to new contacts and showcasing new technologies to increase the overall efficiency.

MWC Event App

The MWC Event App provides you all the necessary information about the event at the click of a button.  The latest edition of 2017 is a one-stop destination to find anything. The attendees can survey the event agenda and plan their schedule accordingly. They can also check out the list of exhibitors prior to the event and mark those that they wish to meet. Pre-networking with fellow attendees by sending messages and scheduling meetings are also added advantages. The App will also recommend its users what sessions to attend and best fellows to increase contact with. The App provides a variety of features to assist the attendees and make it a seamless experience-

  • Register through the App and access the venue faster using a digital badge
  • Access your final confirmation QR code
  • Personalize your experience by creating your own schedule
  • Using the recommendation engine, users will be advised about sessions, attendees, and exhibitors that match their interests the most
  • Use Instant Chat tool to interact with fellow attendees prior to the event
MWC event app

Going Beyond the Conference

For the first time attendees, Mobile World Congress also offers an opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Barcelona with several tourist destinations to pick from. Locals recommend a number of sightseeing destinations to help the tourists during their stay. Tourists can visit one of the most unique and magnificent buildings in Barcelona: the Casa Milà, or “La Pedrera” to adore its undulating forms and twisted wrought iron balcony rails. Other scenic destinations include Girona, the beautiful landscape of Montserrat mountains and much more. Attendees can also explore different passes and offers at Visit Barcelona Tickets to discover the landmarks of Barcelona.

MWC tourist destinations

An Event Not to Miss

MWC 2017 is the ‘Go To Event’ for all members of the mobile industry. One of its kind, the Mobile World Congress, features a number of eminent keynote speakers followed by a series of intriguing panel discussions. The conferences incorporate engrossing debates about the latest technological developments, next generation services, and growth strategies. In addition to captivating dialogues, it also provides a platform for the unveiling of new technologies and products. The event culminates with an Annual Global  Mobile Awards Ceremony which honors the best mobile technology innovations of the year.

Recro at Mobile World Congress

Recro will be an attendee at MWC 2017 showcasing its products and services to the vast global audience. We urge all entrepreneurs interested in our services to connect through the MWC event App or mail us at


At Recro we combine Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to help you achieve market-leading  performance.

We partner with our clients with the aim to transform their business challenges into growth opportunities.