Mompreneurs- Successful Mothers accelerating their Entrepreneurial journey with Technology

The fact that the nature and styles of working are drastically changing is not something new. The whole world is seeing a rise in entrepreneurship across all sections of the population. Generally, people tend to associate entrepreneurship with the millennial generation. However, there are numerous examples where individuals are turning to entrepreneurs later in their lives. One of the biggest cases of such switch is this new phenomenon of ‘Mompreneurs.’

Easily understood as mom entrepreneurs, mompreneurs are women who have taken to entrepreneurship after embarking on motherhood and are creating both economic and social value. This mothers day, we have collected together stories of 5 mothers who turned to entrepreneurship and fueled their entrepreneurial journey with technology. These mompreneurs are truly role models for everyone out there, not only because they have found the perfect balance to manage their work-family life, but are also giving tough competition and setting examples to other entrepreneurs out there.

Mompreneurs making it big

It goes without saying that each and every mother entrepreneur out there is an example to live by. However, due to paucity of space, we are featuring 5 mompreneurs. With their extraordinary ideas and dedication, these mompreneurs are setting high standards for all entrepreneurs.

Suchi Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, Limeroad

Suchi Mukherjee embarked on her entrepreneurial journey as she was on her maternity leave. Prior to becoming a mompreneur, Suchi took care of technology scaling for a variety of big brands and names. It was during her maternity leave, that she listened to her true calling of having a platform for women to access different fashion products. Leveraging her knowledge and expertise in technology, she decided to start an e-commerce platform, LimeRoad.

LimeRoad was an attempt to assist every other Indian woman seeking to shop for lifestyle products online. However, the range and overcrowding of products often overwhelmed them. Therefore, for Suchi creating a delightful experience for women searching for lifestyle products online became the guiding light. This women entrepreneur managed to join the missing link between what women liked and what could reach them. LimeRoad today offers almost all kinds of lifestyle products women aspire for and is a perfect partner for them. In addition to achieving her dream, this mompreneur made the lives of multiple women seeking online fashion products easier.

Rebekkah Kumar, Founder & CEO, Fourseven

Rebekkah Kumar always had an admiration for the Indian crafts. This admiration was the motivation behind her turning into an entrepreneur. Rebekkah successfully runs her jewellery and accessories brand, Fourseven. What is particularly interesting about Rebekkah’s journey is how it came around. Most jewellery and accessories brands start with a physical store and then move online. For Fourseven, the journey was the other way round.

Rebekkah’s entrepreneurial journey began with an online platform. She started a website for her jewellery and accessories brand and then went on for a physical store. Like all mompreneurs out there, Rebekkah is an example to follow. It is the complementary nature of her exceptional idea and the use of technology to take it to the market, that is contributing to her success.

Ketika Kapoor and Divya Mehta, ProEves

Ex-colleagues into successful partners, Ketika Kapoor and Divya Mehta took to the entrepreneurial journey after they became mothers. The motivation of these mompreneurs to venture into the entrepreneurial world came from a problem they were facing. While they were gearing up to join back their cushiony corporate job after their maternity leave, they found that there was a lack of transparency and gaps in childcare and parental support.

This became their motivation behind starting ProEves. Their brainchild is an initiative to promote women to return to work. They provide a platform with a listing of over 500 verified day care centres. The bridged the gap with technological intervention. Offering flexible options to choose from, ProEves has become one of the fastest growing online platforms. It not only acts as a transparent channel between daycare providers and seekers but also assists in the upskilling of the centres and offers corporate partnership as well. These two mompreneurs are making lives for 1000s of mom out there a little easier.

Tamanna Dhamija, Co-founder and CEO, Baby Destination

Tamanna is a woman entrepreneur who got the vision for her startup when she was struggling with getting genuine information during her maternity. While we all that the internet is full of best practices, tips and tricks etc, for expecting and new mothers, seldom is all this information actually genuine. This became the problem that our next mompreneur, Tamanna, decided to tackle.

Motivated by her own self need, Baby Destination came into existence. Baby Destination is an online community for expecting and new mothers that acts as a support group. This community covering over 6 Lakh women seek to provide a safe and thriving platform for women connecting them over FB communities, WhatsApp groups, and other digital mediums, impact over 12 million individuals. This mompreneur is an inspiration to all translating her problem into a solution for millions.

Mansi Zaveri, Founder, Kidsstoppress Media

The next in line of great mompreneurs comes Mansi Zaveri. Combining her passion for content and the power of digital mediums, Kidsstoppress was born. A multi-digital platform, Kidsstoppress aims to simplify parenting for all. Leveraging her technical knowledge and expertise, Mansi has successfully created an online go-to guide for all parenting needs.

At Kidsstoppress, new parents can find all kinds of resources from what books to read to their children, to information about all brands, events, best ways to raise the kids, etc. In a nutshell, it is a parenting website aiming to make parenting what it is supposed to be, magical. As a mompreneur, Mansi has been exceptionally successful in realizing her dream and Kidsstoppress today is India’s most preferred digital parenting partner.  

The Final Word

These are just a few examples to show increasingly how woman entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, in particular, are flapping their wings. More often than not, mompreneurs are using tech for good and solving some of the fundamental problems, women, particularly mothers, and parents in general face. While we have just named a few, there are 100s of mompreneurs out there. This mothers day, if you come across a mompreneur, make sure you congratulate her for being an inspiration to all, turning her dream into reality. Interestingly, if you ask a mompreneur if motherhood comes in the way of running their business, they will smile and say, it only motivates me to work harder.


Cheers to all mompreneurs out there, not only catering to their family but also making life better for the entire world!


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