Millennials in Tech

Millennials in Tech: How to Attract & Retain the Best Talent

There is not a spec of doubt when it comes to understanding the value of talent in any organization’s success. If you lead a team, pause and ask yourself, “Could you reach where you have without the support of your team to always back you up”? The answer in most cases will be NO. Well, this simply means that Best Talent=Success. However, the question then remains on how to attract the best talent. It goes without saying that the number of millennials in tech today are off the roof. But how can you actually on-board and retain the right talent can be a tricky task. Follow these tips to get the best millennials in tech to power your startup.

Use the Right Channels 

When it comes to attracting millennials in tech, you need to make sure you’re knocking on the right door. If you think publishing job openings in classifieds will do the trick, you need a time machine to skip through a few decades. Millennials in tech today scavenge through social media platforms when they’re looking out for a job. It goes without saying that LinkedIn is the best platform to attract the right talent. In fact, Over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision. However, do not overlook the potential of other professional social groups on twitter, FB for work, etc. 

Use the Right Channels (Social Media)

On the other hand, you may also want to toggle around with referrals from your existing team members and other networks. Research shows that companies can expand their talent pool by 10x by recruiting through their employees’ networks. The important point here is to engage with channels that millennials in tech actually consume and not the ones frozen in ice age.

Clear Interview & Onboarding Processes

If you go back to your interview days, we can bet that one thing that ticked you off the most would be complicated interview and onboarding processes. Well, things haven’t changed much for millennials in tech either. Even today, clear interview and onboarding processes are what millennials seek. If you think that having multiple rounds of interviews will make the candidates more serious and raise the bar of the competition, you are mistaken. Keep the process short and crisp. Additionally, ensure that you clearly mention the specific roles and responsibilities. While it is true that one of the peculiarities of a startup environment is overlapping roles. However, at least some clarity will prevent the candidates from running away in horror. 

Clear Interview & Onboarding Processes

It is also important to provide feedback to the candidates post the interview, irrespective of their selection. In fact, 94% of talent wants to receive interview feedback, but only 41% have received interview feedback before. Providing feedback will add to your employer branding and, thus, attract more talent for you in the future.  

Move Beyond the Package

One peculiar characteristics of millennials in tech is a move away from an over emphasis on the compensation package. Invariably, millennials in tech do not consider their annual packages as the sole criterion for choosing a particular role or organization. Other factors like training, engagement, feedback, etc. play an equally important role when it comes to millennials. They seek offers that not only come with a sense of financial stability but also bring along holistic wellbeing. 

Move Beyond the Perks

33% consider professional development as the most important factor in accepting a new job, while 29% look out for a better work- life balance. Therefore, one cannot emphasize enough the fact that millennials in tech cannot be simply poached by offering a higher package. It is important to offer them opportunities for growth in addition to monetary benefits and perks.

Offer a Steep Learning Graph

Like the above point says, professional development plays an important role in attracting and retaining the best millennials in tech. In addition to showing a trajectory for professional growth from a new joinee to senior leadership, it might be a good idea to highlight the learning curve the millennials can cover. The best way to realize this steep learning graph for millennials in tech is to invest in regular trainings, workshops, events and conferences. Let the talent out there know that if they invest their time and effort in helping your business grow, you will leave no stone unturned to help them rise class apart.  

Offer a Steep Learning Graph

The logic is quite simple. Millennials in tech today are ardent believers in investing in self improvement and skills building. And if their employer takes care of it, they have no reason to turn around and leave. Conducting robust training sessions and equally talking about them will serve dual purposes. On the one hand, it will help you retain the existing team that you have. On the other hand, it will serve as a massive employer branding tool helping you attract the top talent.

Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring

Finally, mentoring plays a very important role when it comes to retaining the top millennials in tech. You need to look at mentoring from two sides. On the one hand, the millennial must believe that he or she will receive enough guidance to navigate through the professional and personal challenges that will come along the way.

On the other hand, the millennial should also be given a taste of self worth through reverse mentoring. Here your new hire may help the team learn numerous new skills, even mentor those who are more experienced and senior. Therefore, mentoring in time becomes a strong magnet that helps startups attract the best talent in tech.

Millennials in Tech: Hiring the Recro Way

As a tech startup, hiring millennials in tech is how we earn our bread and butter. In addition to following the tips above, we use one secret ingredient. Instead of judging the candidates on their experience and solely on aptitude, we go by the attitude. Any techie passionate about creating digital disruptions is welcome on our humble aboard. If you have a passion for coding, we have a place for you, join us today!



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