Self Taught React.Js Developer

Meet Priyanka: A Self Taught React JS Developer driven by Passion

RecroLearning to code can be hard, especially, when you’re trying to do it all on your own. But that didn’t stop Priyanka Biswas from rewriting her professional journey to become a self-taught React JS Developer. With a fresh computer science degree in hand, Priyanka started her professional journey as a network engineer. She became the pride of her family to become the first engineer. A few years into her job, she met her second half, a network engineer turned Java developer himself. He inspired her to switch her domain to Java.

“With inspiration and encouragement from my better half, I decided to take up Java, but just within a few days, got bored and turned to Python, only to find it uninteresting too. In the next span of 2- 2 ½ months, I experimented with different programming languages and nurtured an affinity towards HTML CSS says Priyanka.

The Learning Journey- HTML CSS to React JS

Learning from (now LinkedIn Learning), Priyanka enjoyed every bit of HTML CSS. She could see the impact of her programming on the front end UI. This became a source of instant gratification for her, acting as a source of motivation, augmenting her interest in switching to programming in the longer run.

What distinctly stand out in Priyanka’s journey is her passion for learning programming languages. Juggling between a full-time job and family life, Priyanka found time to invest in learning programming. Starting from a point where she was unable to concentrate for even an hour, her growing passion and love for coding pushed her to sit for 5 hours at a stretch without blinking an eye.

While we salute Priyanka’s passion and determination and her commitment towards becoming a self-taught coder, it is disheartening to see that most engineers that come out of our education system lack practical knowledge and experience, making it difficult for them apply their coding skills. Nevertheless, come what may, Priyanka fought it out.

Mentoring Matters

Soon Priyanka turned to learn plain Javascript from After 2 ½ months of learning and doing small projects assigned by the platform, Priyanka was ready to take on some real-world projects and gain practical experience. She reached out to Mohit Bhansali, Sr. Software Engineer at Walmart Labs and a mentor at Recro and a shining mentor to many aspiring coding professionals.

“Mohit came as a guiding light to help me tackle the various challenges coming my way. He constantly supported and mentored me and I informally interned under him for 3 months. He inspired me enough to experiment with React JS. He provided me with all guidance after office hours when I sat to learn. I cannot thank Mohit enough for helping me explore and act on my hidden passion and potential for coding. If it was not for his mentorship, I could never have decided to put down my papers and focus on React JS full time”

Soon after interning under Mr. Mohit Bhansali, Priyanka began realizing that React JS was her true calling. She wanted to commit to it full time. She put down her papers to get more hands-on experience and started seeking freelance internships and in her journey towards getting more practical know-hows, she came to Recro

Journey at Recro

Her first day at Recro, Priyanka knew she had found her place to be. She instantly identified with Recro’s vision of building a state of the art technological innovations by bringing together passionate and committed coders. Surrounded by a team of power packed millennial developers, Priyanka never looked back.

“The day I entered the premises of Recro, I could feel the passion and a gush of positive energy all around. Meeting like-minded programmers who breathe, eat and crunch codes was a paradise for a budding programmer like me. I could immediately resonate with the values that brought all of them together and of course, pizza and 24/7 available coffee was a cherry on top”

After 8 months of learning, training, and interning, Priyanka considered that Recro is the best place to give all her self teaching a practical exposure.

Recro- The Place to be

“The best part about an organization like Recro is its openness towards new talent in the market. The team, led by their founder, Shubham, has been vocal about its affinity towards passionate and dedicated coders. It believes in no bar on the experience. No one in the team ever made me feel that I lack professional experience and should be beneath them. Instead, I became a part of the team from day 1. Unlike nightmare internships expecting you to serve coffee and do photocopies, my experience at Recro is getting better every day”

One thing that attracted Priyanka towards Recro and has been instrumental in keeping her there in good stead is the continuous learning it offers

“Interning at Recro has not only been about putting to use the React JS skills I learnt in the past 8 months, but all learning something new every day. The only measurement of performance they use is passion and dedication and that’s what makes all the difference. To fuel the passion and drive, all developers believe in the power of continuous learning. As new and new technologies surface each day, team Recro makes it a point to share learnings with one another and grow together.”

The Founder’s Guidance and Support

As they say that an organization is as strong and as good as the person who heads it, so is true for Recro. Since its inception, Shubham Rastogi, Founder, Recro, has envisioned leading the technological disruptions space armed with super-coders. He has been a mentor, a guide, and all-round support to all team members and interns like Priyanka.

“Working with Shubham has been one of the best experiences I have had till date. His humbleness and down to earth approach has made him approachable to all team members alike. The transparency with which he spearheads Recro is a leading reason for the organization reaching successful heights and attracting the best in class engineering geeks who crunch codes faster than you can read this sentence. He has been my constant source of inspiration and the reason I seek to better myself every day. Each day I take home a new skill or learning from our supreme leader.”

The Final Word

“As they say that journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step, I cannot thank 3 forces enough to have helped me take that first step. Firstly, Mr. Mohit Bhansali who inspired and pushed me to break my limits and venture into Javascript followed by React JS. Secondly, Recro for embracing me with open arms and just considering my passion while getting me on board. Thirdly, The source of all inspiration for Recro, Mr.  Shubham Rastogi, for being a mentor and a great leader to look up to. Thus, as I see myself building a successful career in React JS, I believe that my journey won’t have been nearly half as successful if it wasn’t for these 3 positive forces that literally mapped my way.”

At Recro, we take pride in sharing the successful journeys of our members, passionate about making wonder happen. Cheers to them!


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