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Whenever we hear the term ‘Meditation’, our mind instantly pictures spiritual saints attempting to transcend the world and achieve emancipation. Undoubtedly, that is a widely practised form of meditation. However, meditation is not limited to that. Meditation, in everyday life, has serious benefits for each of us, irrespective of our field of operation. That said, meditation can exponentially augment the performance of programmers. While it does sound surprising, it is true that coding is an excellent tool that can help you be a better programmer. In order to understand the salience of meditation in a programmer’s life, it is important to deconstruct the idea of meditation. We need to look at it something more than just a means to achieve emancipation from the world.

What is meditation?

Meditation has a different connotation to everyone. For the spiritually awakened, it is a medium to transcend the world. On the other hand, for a non believer, it is simply a set of breathing exercises. If you are a programmer and aspire to benefit from the power of meditation, you need to hit the middle ground between these two extremes. Meditation should simply be seen as an attempt to become consciously aware of one’s self and the surroundings. More often than not, we are caught up in different aspects of life. Unfortunately, we are not able to devote ample energy to each one. Meditation can become that tipping point which can help individuals find the right balance by helping them gain awareness about what is actually going on.

Meditation and Programmers

No doubt this idea of meditation sounds rosy and nice, but it definitely leaves a question mark for the connection between meditation and programming. Well, there runs a deep connection. If you are asked, what is the one thing that programmers need to succeed, invariably you think about focus and attention. It is no surprise that programmers need a good span of concentration and attention to crunch codes. Any programmer working on a developing or testing has a 100 things going on in his/her mind, which tend to divert their focus. This inevitably leads to a lack of concentration that may result in glitches in the code. Thus, here is where meditation comes in. As mentioned, it helps in becoming aware of one’s surroundings and living in the present. And isn’t that how you can be a better programmer?

Benefits of meditation for developers

For those who are looking for solutions to be a better programmer, meditation may just be the tool you need because of the benefits it brings along-

Focus and Concentration-

To begin with, focus, attention and concentration play a crucial role in the professional growth of any programmer. If you are restless and find it hard to concentrate, it would be next to impossible to brainstorm on the codes you have to crunch. But sweat not; meditation can go a long way into helping you increase your attention span. By helping you connect with yourself and become self aware, meditation can assist you in focusing on the present and prevent your mind from wandering around.

Cognition Development-

As a programmer, it would be a routine to indulge in and solve complex problems. A lot of times a variety of problems may come up and you are unable to prioritize your tasks. Again, meditation can set things back on track. Meditation allows your brain to process a multiplicity of information by visualizing each task and beading everything with a single thread. Additionally, mindfulness that is a product of meditation is a crucial element in strategic thinking that will enhance your cognitive abilities.

Emotional Stability-

If you have been coding for a while, you will understand the importance of emotional stability in your life. More often than not, you will come across situations where your code just stops working which gushes in a flow of frustration. The difficult part is tha, this is not a onetime thing. Ups and downs are a part of a coder’s daily routine. At times software development and testing can be extremely overwhelming. Meditation can play a big role in managing such anxiety. Mindfulness can be a savior when it comes to handling stress and pressure. Therefore, if you want to be a better programmer, you have to manage your emotional quotient and an excellent way to do is through Meditation.

Self- Awareness-

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you are developing a code and just don’t know what you are doing or why you are doing it? If yes, don’t worry, it is normal. Despite being passionate about coding, you might yourself at crossroads when developing certain software. But, mostly, we are unaware about the reason behind it. Meditation can help you gain this awareness. If you spend quality time meditating and understanding yourself, you will know why a particular code is not giving you the satisfaction you desire. Therefore, meditation can help you be a better programmer by helping you introspect and get insights about yourself.

A healthy way of life-

Last, but definitely not the least, constitute the physical health benefits of meditation, especially for the programmers. Software development and testing is essentially a one place job where programmers rarely move out of their cubicles. This often leads to health problems like back aches etc. Meditation can help you evade this. Just half an hour of meditation and regulating your breathing can prevent the incidence of chronic diseases. Additionally, meditation can help programmers regulate their blood flow, which is not only medically beneficial, but can also make people happy and active. Therefore, meditation can help you get happier and full of enthusiasm.

Meditation through Apps?

The conventional route to meditation is through attending spiritual retreats, reading spiritual and mindful books. Meditation through these means often requires an intensive time commitment. Fortunately, technological advancement has made it possible to meditate via apps. Meditation apps are the new talk of the town, especially among coders, who are surrounded by technology throughout the day. These apps come in handy. The best meditation apps include-

The Mindfulness App– This app comes with a pre recorded five day meditation schedule for the users. Compatible with both, android and iOS devices, the app gives constant reminders for breathing exercises and other relaxation activities throughout the day.

Calm– This app is a leading name in the field of guided meditation. It helps individuals navigate their self awareness journey by following its different sessions based on time availability and need of the hour. It provides modules for meditation ranging from breathing techniques to sleep stories.

Stop, Breathe and Think- This app offers over 55 types of guided meditation practices to prevent monotony of routine. It provides exercises for sleep, compassion, depression, etc.

At Recro, we understand the importance of meditation in a coder’s life. We encourage our entire workforce to adopt different meditation practices, to secure personal and professional growth. We are enthusiastic about programmers who like to be self aware by leveraging the untapped potential of meditation to coders. If you are a coder and believe in the power of meditation to be a better programmer, come and join us today.

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