Automation Technology to challenge hypertension

Predict and Prevent- Mapping the advances of automation technology to challenge Hypertension

It comes as no shocker that the incidence of hypertension is on the rise. Amongst the plethora of factors contributing to this growing rate of hypertension patients, lifestyle problems top the list. The changing nature and scope of work have led to the adoption of an unhealthy lifestyle by most. Until a few years ago, hypertension was most common among older men. However, this trend has taken a drastic turn with hypertension being a common ailment amongst the millennials and the younger generation. While there is almost no cure for hypertension once you encounter it, technology is offering some respite.

Technological advances, especially in the field of automation are increasingly making managing hypertension easy for the patients. With the help of variables and other devices, patients can easily monitor their blood pressure and heart rate. They can easily alert their medical professionals in case of any abnormality. Therefore, we took it upon us this hypertension day to celebrate and congratulate technological advances that are helping patients predict and prevent the worse side of hypertension.

Technological advances in medicine 

Before we directly jump onto understanding how automation has come as a boon in the life of a patient suffering from hypertension, it is important to understand the impact of technological advances in medicine. Medical devices are becoming the main targets for the healthtech industry to flourish. Technological advances in tools and techniques are equipping medical professionals with better types of equipment. These allow professionals to deal with medical conditions and emergencies with more precision and efficiency. The advent of technology in the healthcare sector right to keep a track of how many steps you take to monitoring chronic ailments, progress has been going upscale.  As new technologies surface, the efficiency, speed, cost-effectiveness and management of medical services have gained momentum. One particular example has been that of predicting and preventing hypertension.

Tackling hypertension with technology 

There have been multiple technological advances that are making the prediction and prevention of hypertension a possibility, we are going to point out the most significant few-


 Gone are the days when patients had to physically visit a doctor to check their blood pressure. Increasingly patients are adopting wearables to strap on their wrists and check their BP on the go. This is most effective for hypertension patients who need to check their BP on a regular basis. Such wearables can act as a means of primary diagnosis before you take the pain to actually go to the doctor. Additionally, you can monitor your BP at regular intervals and predict a pattern in case of an abnormality. Thus, you can prevent the incidence of any significant nerve or brain damage by rushing straight to the doctor in case of high blood pressure recorded in your wearable.

Data transmission and virtual consultation

Not only can patients now monitor their BP with technological innovation, but also communicate it to medical professionals in real time. Hypertension patients can easily connect their wearable or other monitoring devices to mobile phones or tablets to transmit the collected data to their medical consultants in real time. This essentially helps in prediction and prevention of hypertension in 2 ways. Firstly, reporting in real time prevents any loss of vital time in terms of treatment. Secondly, it prevents the patient from putting in precious time and effort of a physical visit for just a minor treatment. Thus, monitoring and reporting made possible by technological advances is a case in point of how technology is helping manage hypertension.

Renal Denervation

This is one of the most exciting, yet least known technological advancement in predicting and preventing hypertension. This technology is essentially based on a catheter model aiming at lowering systolic blood pressure. While this technology still awaits its medical approval by the concerned authorities, its trials have come up with flying colours. It goes without saying that the success of renal denervation fight to hypertension still rests on flimsy grounds. However, it is yet another revolutionary idea which will ultimately improve the situation for hypertension patients, perhaps after a few trials and errors.

Inventory Mapping and Management

While measuring and monitoring is most vital to managing hypertension, taking medication in time comes a close second. Quite often it happens that hypertension patients forget to maintain an inventory of their medication and are out it. Technological advances and automation technology are coming to the rescue. Increasingly, patients are adopting inventory mapping and management technologies. Such technologies factor in the daily dosage of the patient and the inventory stock and alert the patient when the stock is going below a threshold. This allows the patient enough time to refill the stock. This prevents being out of medication at any point of time. Inventory mapping and management is a boon to hypertension patients as it relieves them of the pressure to keep a manual tab of their medication. Additionally, patients can add different verticals to map and manage their other vitals like vitamins etc, in addition to the BP medication.

Mobile interventions

Technology is now taking care of BP monitoring and inventory mapping and management. The last straw that may hamper the health of a hypertension patient is not taking the medication in place. Well, mobile technology has a solution for this as well. Automation technology is increasingly equipping hypertension patients to set up reminders in the form of messages and alerts. These alerts notify them to take medicines on time and reach for the doctor’s appointment. Additionally, these messages spread awareness about healthy and unhealthy practices to reiterate how to manage high blood pressure.

Benefits for Hypertension Patients

The advent of technological advances in medical devices with the rise of healthtech has been highly beneficial for hypertension patients. Let us look at some of the top benefits these medical devices offer to hypertension patients

Firstly, owing to these technological innovations, hypertension patients save quite a lot of time. This time was generally wasted in physical visits for blood pressure tracking. This saved time and effort actually brings the patients a step closer to a healthier lifestyle. They no longer are under pressure of the tiring doctor visits every now and then.

Secondly, patients can monitor their blood pressure on regular intervals on their own. They can track their BP for a week before going to the doctor and showcase the results. It is also easier for the doctor to prescribe medication on the basis of a report.

Thirdly, instant alerts help patients to remember important details about their medication amidst their busy day. It is very common for patients to forget about their ailment due to no physical symptom as such. However, constant alerts, thanks to technological advances, keep high BP patients in good stead.

To cut a long story short, automation technology and other technological advances have been a boon for all patients with high BP. They can now easily predict and prevent the incidence of any serious condition due to unmonitored BP. These advances are not only making the lives of these patients easier but also bringing the whole world closer to better health. This hypertension day let’s celebrate all those developers investing their time and energy to make the lives of hypertension patients seamless.


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