Major announcements made by tech giant Apple during WWDC 2017

The WWDC 2017-

The WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developer Conference) commenced with the unveiling and showcasing of new hardware and software announcements by Apple CEO Tim Cook. The conference seeks to provide a singular platform for all developers to meet and interact with over a 1000 Apple engineers. The conference also becomes a medium of introducing the latest updates and refinements of the running software. This year a number of announcements were made at the conference. That include the news about the upcoming iOS 11, tvOS among others, and new iPad Pro coupled with some new hardware.

wwdc 2017

The WWDC 2017 Major Announcements-

iOS 11

Preserving its image as a software event, one of the primary announcements made at the conference was the showcasing of the upcoming update for iOS. It in the form of iOS 11 for the Apple devices. The iOS 11 is all set to undertake some serious system-wide changes. That are  bolder fonts, borderless buttons, and newer animations, among others.

 The updated iOS will also have a merged Notification Centre and Lock Screen. While a new app store with segregation between the apps and games is on the cards. The new app store is all set to bring back ‘App of The Day’ to increase the traffic on the app store.

Additionally, Siri has also been worked on machine learning. Siri now sounds more natural and is expected to imbibe your interests at a faster rate. And gives you solutions before you finish your problem.

Feature improvements have also been devised for other parts, including a new App Switcher aimed at facilitating multitasking. Safety features like automatic do not disturb have also been incorporated to augment security by preventing distractions.

macOS 10.13 or macOS High Sierra

WWDC 2017 is also all set to revolutionize the Mac experience for its users. The updated macOS is aimed at providing native encryption, crash protection, et cetera under its Apple File system facilitating better solid state storage. Additionally, the HEVC will also allow the users to higher quality video streaming with smaller file sizes.

Photo viewing and editing are also likely to become easier with newer filters and new tools. Smoothening the process of finding photos and videos and giving them a refined look by adjusting the curves, brightness and the like.

Safari will be updated as well with the feature of blocking autoplay and enabling an intelligent tracking prevention.And will help the users avoid unnecessary advertisements.

 WatchOS 4

A new update for the Apple watch, WatchOS 4 was also announced at the WWDC 2017. The new watchface is likely to automatically display the most relevant information based on the most used apps. An improved workout app should also be expected. Providing monthly challenges to encourage the users to achieve their targets. And supports High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts for increases efficiency. The fitness app can be paired with almost any gym equipment to help record the calorie burn and weight loss.

The new watch face is also likely to better sync the new music lists with the favorite lists using a new design of its music app, syncing playlists to Apple watch and hearing them on the air pods. Finally, a person- to- person Apply payments feature is expected to be introduced, facilitating monetary exchanges over the Apple Watch.




The next major announcement at WWDC 2017 was the introduction of Apple’s upcoming speaker device, the HomePod. Set to release in December, the HomePod is aimed at being a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, but with a superior sound quality.

7 inches tall, it resembles the old Mac Pro, and will be available in white or black color. The HomePod is expected to be equipped. Equipped with seven beam- forming tweeters to ascertain disturbance free sound and improve audio quality. Priced at $349 it will be initially shipped to UK, USA and Australia. And gradualy  get spread to International Markets. Additional features include an upward facing woofer and room- sensing technology through an A8 chip to ensure a blissful musical experience.



10.5 Inch iPad

The iPad Pro will now be available in the comfortable 10.5-inch size. With great specifications, including a 12-megapixel camera, 7-megapixel front camera, supporting USB 3.0 with 10 hours of battery life. It is endowed with an A10X Chip with six core CPU. And a 12- core GPU accompanied by 64 GB of RAM.

The new iPad is equipped with a new ProMotion Display Technology. This technology is aimed at increasing responsiveness, smoother motion and reducing latency to 20 milliseconds. It is also expected to accelerate the refresh rate up to 120Hz for fluid scrolling. And will preserve battery life.

Advances have also been made to increase brightness with display powered flash. Especially for outdoor settings along with improvements in camera with a 12 megapixel back camera and a 7-megapixel front camera.iPad 10.5 inch

iMac Range and MacBook

The iMac range has also gone through a significant phase of advancement. It is expected to be equipped with discreet graphic cards. The latest update introduced for iMac will have improved retina displays USB- C and graphic boosts.

WWDC 2017 also saw the introduction of an iMac Pro with enhanced cooling capacity. It’s up to 4TB of SSD and up to 128GB of ECC, featuring Xenon processors. The  iMac Pro is likely to be priced at $4999 and Set to release in December this year.

The MacBook range took a back seat at WWDC 2017 with the announcements of getting an upgrade with faster graphics.

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