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Logistics App Development: Features & Cost

With the transport industry growing at an unprecedented rate, new efforts are being made to explore the latent potential of logistics app to increase the efficiency of the sector. Logistic companies are the main source introducing logistics app. The aim is to reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction and grievance redressal.  The primary intentions of the pioneering logistics apps in the transport industry are to prevent the disruption of the underlying supply chain functions, on which the industry thrives. Using the advances in mobile technology, the transport industry can augment the competence of the information flows.  This entails operational excellence along with  greater productivity and better customer experience.

Market Opportunity-

With e- tailing blooming in the country, there have been surfacing new needs of the e- commerce players. The possess the ability to offer virtual access to goods and services to know about their location status. Companies like LogiNext, BlackBuck, Rivigo have been striving hard to explore this platform, and have received positive backing in the form of funding.

LogiNext draws on ‘Big Data’ to generate insights. It aids the e-tailers in predicting any possible delays and subsequently ensure better customer service. They received their first funding of half a million dollars in April 2015. This second round of $10 million came in September 2015.

BlackBuck intends to simplify and increase the efficiency of bulk transportation of goods through its wide base of trucks. Following 3  rounds of funding, they have managed to raise a total of $100 million dollars.

Rivigo has been credited for its innovation of ‘Driver’s Relay’ that significantly reduces the time to market and inventory in transit for merchants. This shrinks the delivery time to about 2 days from the convention 8 days. The company has managed to raise over $100 million dollars from funding.

Value Proposition

Tracking Location- Vehicle tracking generally uses cellular and satellite means. Using network coverage, cellular tracking transmits the location of the device to the server, facilitating real- time location determination. Satellite tracking employers the GPS trackers and communicates the location to the server using mobile phones, radios or even satellites. The tracking data is useful for both the driver and the dispatcher. It helps in the estimation of the actual time of arrival and to get the exact location of the vehicle respectively.

Fleet Management- In addition to tracking the vehicle, logistic apps can also augment fleet management. They can provide an incentive for improved performance. Through the mobile apps, the drivers can log in their driving times. Managers can seamless access and view the same, especially during performance appraisals and year-end bonuses. Besides, it also enables the managers to track the drivers as well.

Asset Tracking & Management- Asset management and tracking are particularly crucial for the shipping companies as it allows them to create an inventory of the shipping products. The use of mobile apps to combine the vehicle location and the inventory management, helps the company ascertain which package is on which vehicle and thereby predict its estimated time of arrival. The apps allow particularistic tracking of individual packages.

Future of Logistics app

The logistics industry is set to revolutionize the supply chain functions through numerous ways. These include application of artificial intelligence, by facilitating autonomous means of information flow, significantly reducing greater manpower. The establishing of autonomous technology will reduce the demand for human labor at every step of the supply chain. This will lead to an increase in the overall efficiency by reducing costs and increase the speed of the functions performed. Thus, with new innovations being carried out every minute, the autonomous technology is fueling in a new era for the transport industry with augmented efficiency and safer means of transportation.

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