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JavaScript Developers: 5 Things You Need to Know

Globally 9.7 M developers use JavaScript, making it the most popular programming language. There are a variety of reasons that have led JavaScript to its popularity, which we have discussed in our previous blogs. Naturally, 95% of the websites use JavaScript in some form or the other. However, the question now remains what are some things that JavaScript developers must know to ace their programming? No doubt that a basic understanding of the language is necessary, however, that is just the starting point. To really nail one’s capability in JS, JavaScript developers need to make sure that some of their abilities are up to date and shiny as new.

As JavaScript developers, the more you read, the more you will come across capabilities that you need to hone to ace the art. However, do not overwhelm yourself and try to do it all at one. Go step by step. To begin with, focus on these 5 things that are a must if you seek to make a mark as a JavaScript developer-

Error Handling

Error Handling

To begin with, JavaScript developers need to acknowledge that they will make errors. Making errors has nothing to do with one’s experience or expertise. Some of the most experienced developers might make the silliest errors. However, experience comes in handy to unleash damage rescue. Studies suggest that for every 1000 lines of code, developers may make up to 15- 20 errors. Therefore, error handling in JavaScript is something you can’t skip. Again what differentiates great JavaScript developers from the good ones is their ability to distinguish between programming errors and actual mistakes when it comes to JavaScript.

JavaScript developers should be quick to think on their toes and should know how to handle different types of errors. Therefore, error handling, is one of the most important traits of great JavaScript developers. 



Multitasking is now embracing programming languages too. And voila, we have asynchronous code which enables multiple actions to happen simultaneously. Under asynchronity, JavaScript developers ensures that the program continues to run post an action by a user until it returns the result. The importance of asynchronous code have dual prerogatives. On the one hand, it improves application performance. On the other hand, it augments software responsiveness. Great JavaScript developers have no problem in differentiating between the two types of codes and can seamlessly juggle between them.

Therefore, JavaScript developers seeking to make it big must possess the ability to identify and create asynchronous codes and differentiate them from the standard ones. As one gains experience, this ability comes as second nature. 

Front end Framework


To ace as JavaScript developers, one needs to be well versed with the top three front-end frameworks. These include, React.js, Angular.js and Vue.js. Each of these comes with a high ranking in the stack overflow survey. They are being regarded as the most popular and wanted frameworks that developers use. Therefore, JavaScript developers without comprehensive knowledge about these can only scale to average success. It is true that each of these frameworks changes very quickly and it is a little difficult to be on top of all the changes taking place. However, without a basic understanding of them, you are sailing in a sinking boat. 

A word of caution, do not try your hand on all of them at once. Take your time and take things slow. Learn them one after the other. For if you try to do everything together, you will just fall with your face down.

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Functions

One peculiar difference that lies between acing other programming languages versus JavaScript is the understanding and application of functions. Contrary to other programming languages, JavaScript allows developers to create functions as a standalone in code. If you’re wondering what capability functions bring along, consider this. JavaScript functions makes programming very easy for JavaScript developers. It enables them to create simpler and more compact codes. JavaScript allows developers to treat functions just like any other objects, making this programming language very flexible. 

Another benefit from JavaScript functions that comes along easy of coding is the fact that it allows developers to create very complex applications without much of code. 

Functional vs Object Oriented Approach

Functional vs Object Oriented Approach

The debate between a functional and object oriented approach is perennial. It is something that all JavaScript developers face at some point or the other in their JS journey. JavaScript comes with the availability of both the approaches and both have the potential to achieve the same outputs. There are plenty of libraries today to enable developers to seamless use JavaScript via a functional approach. While most developers focus entirely on the functional approach, a quick grasp of the object oriented approach can add value to one’s programming skills. Thus, JavaScript developers need to be well versed with both the approaches for maximum efficiency.

JavaScript Developers- The Final Call

It goes without saying that succeeding in one’s professional journey as a JavaScript developer is not a cake walk. It requires intense effort as well as hard work, but the end result is definitely worth it. If you are a JavaScript developer, looking to expand and hone your skills, do write to us, or send a pigeon, we will be happy to have you on board.


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