Invaluable Lessons; Arnab’s Propensity of Learning from Every Step 

Sometimes the most valuable lessons are learned from the smallest steps. Where every step towards the goal comes along with sacrifice and thriving passion. Arnab Kar’s zest of learning from every step taught him some invaluable lessons. Since childhood, Arnab was always determined to learn things from scratch. His passion for computers influenced him to pursue his career in technology. Arnab did BCA in his bachelor’s. Besides studies, his parallel involvement in projects helped him to brush up his skills in programming.

Thriving all the way 

Arnab always believes in making his way. His adherence to persist enabled him to stand out. Arnab was placed in a well known MNC after his college. His notion of never settling enabled him to go a step beyond his limits. Arnab decided to do his masters to skill up his abilities. With a great performance in academics, he started marching with excellence. 

No matter which path you choose, if you are backed up with determination and hard work you will always find your way towards the goal.

Being persistent 

After completing his masters, Arnab continued his career as an Android developer. His involvement in the projects of Arduino helped him to raise his bar. He never relinquished when things got tough. Arnab’s contribution to the development of the product enabled him to be assigned as a scrum master.

Persistence is what I believe is an indispensable factor for success,” says Arnab

Recro stage  

Arnab claims that Recro provided him with the platform that assisted him to excel. He says that the encouragement given by Recro to its employees helps them to develop self-belief. Recro’s tendency to provide a great working environment helps employers to grow both professionally and personally. 

 Meetups organized by Recro is an amazing congregation of technology and people. It helps us to be updated with the present trends while preparing us for the future.”


Final word 

We learn from every step we take. And every step we take today acts as a cornerstone for tomorrow’s success. I have had faced many consequences, but my diligence kept me motivated every time I stumbled with bewilderment. I have many takeaways from my journey, but the ones that I would always treasure is the ability to never give up,” says Arnab with passion in his eyes. 

At Recro, we believe in focussing on our employers’ overall professional development that not only helps them to excel but also prepares them to embark on their dreams. 

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